crop_circlesThis is a BIG WEEK for the World.  Between THE END OF TIME in the Mayan Calendar and Planet X-Nibiru bearing down on Earth and the sanity of some of its more excitable inhabitants, it’s enough to make one forget the fiscal cliff, if not Christmas and the Holidays.  They are merely backdrops to the Really Big Show that’s going on in the rest of the universe.  All of this current space-based hysteria has recently re-focused my attention on a popular post of several weeks ago – UFOs.  Researching further, I came across some truly amazing videos on YouTube, many of  which depicted crop circles in southern England.  It didn’t take long for my heartbeat to quicken watching busy alien craft zip by and crop circles suddenly appearing beneath them.

Given humans’ fundamentally-flawed nature – having survived multiple genetic bottlenecks that seriously constrained their available DNA pool and nearly wiped them out completely – we Homo sapiens doubtless lag far behind the leaders of the pack of universal intelligentsia.  Nevertheless, representatives of that cream of the cosmic crop are on view in an intriguing decade-old video I only recently discovered.  It demonstrates, given the veracity of the parties involved (having no reason to believe otherwise, after a perfunctory check of credentials, I trusted them), that a  convincing argument can be made that contact with (at least one) alien civilization has indeed occurred.

Human nature such as it is, with leaders who tend to hide whenever boldness is needed, this apparent stalemate could conceivably go on forever.  It is not difficult to imagine that scenario.  It is just as well that politics and government are left entirely out of this discussion.  Status quo is a mountain to move, and these aliens are clever in not pushing the issue and in letting us decide among ourselves.  It will take many years, perhaps another generation, before they or we feel ready for contact to become official.  For it is up to them.  They know that.  They are sitting at a safe distance, in patient observation, while it gradually sinks into collective human consciousness that a civilization from another planet wants to say “hello.”  Or something.  The general populace seems more prepared for all this than their elected leaders, who are happy to ignore controversy.

The ball is in our court.  Including a long-awaited response (image, right) to VideoBarcodethe bar-coded message to alien civilizations the late astronomer Carl Sagan famously included on the Voyager spacecraft, on its mission to the outer limits and beyond of the Solar System in 1974, the evidence is simply overwhelming that alien contact has been made.  (see Video, below)

But, now what?  What is our next step?  Because it is perhaps the most profound one that the human species will ever take, the necessity for its sage and prudent execution cannot be understated.  The initial instinct of many, myself included, is to welcome such contact — from benevolent brothers who, having demonstrated superior intellectual abilities, are assumed to be able and willing to show us the way to peace, love, and understanding.  That we need to be shown is sadly evident.  But are they benevolent?

One mistake humans are prone to make is to forget that despite residing in what we consider the heavens, these creatures are not from Heaven.   They are no angels, but physical beings confined to the same physical parameters that bind us — time and space — although they have likely discovered more effective means of evading or circumventing them than have Earthlings.  They are likely bound also to their own numerous faults and peculiarities, of ET nature.

Alien intelligence is fully aware of – and studies and monitors, in all likelihood – the internet, if the contents of crop circles is any indication.  Despite my initial inclination to view them as benevolent, too many signals exist indicating otherwise.  Why, for example, would any well-meaning entity need the cover of nighttime darkness to hide benevolence?  Something is being concealed.  In the video below, one alien’s message warns of other malevolent beings, but it does that behind a veil of mystery.

What sort of political system do they come from?  Think hard (maybe you won’t have to think very long) about this: would you seriously want to be abducted by, in the possession and control of, a capitalist alien?  …I have friends who swear they are now.  Aliens certainly will, however, be abundantly aware of Human Nature, especially its many and glaring weaknesses, and be able and willing to take best advantage — of them and us.  As my cursory examination of recent alien activity (crop circles) revealed, they monitor the internet and have no doubt used it to learn all they needed to know about us.  And, if that did not scare you enough, they’re smarter than we are.

Nevertheless, this event – making contact with an alien civilization – is possibly the most important to date in the history of man.   A comprehensive, intelligent documentary, that describes the phenomenon largely from the point of view of those most closely involved in its recording for science and history, Crop Circles Quest for Truth by UFO TV, is well worth watching.   In closing, I wish all a happy holidays and a spectacular New Year!  Check it out:



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