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Woe Is We

What follows may shock many Catholics, but time as it runs short also heals.  Remember, the truth will set you free!  …But first, it will really piss you off.

Let me get a few things straight right now: I WAS a Roman Catholic, and love the true Church in principle.  Despite a childhood in Washington, D.C., I did NOT believe in Satan until recent events proved to me broader truths of our world.  I have studied hard evidence there are many people in the very highest of places who DO believe in that Great Deceiver; in fact, avidly worship him.  The highest tiers of Free Masonry are one example.  The first papal resignation in nearly 600 years was one recent very real result.

Jerusalem - JP2 On Satan's Throne?

JPII Bold in Jerusalem – Satan’s Throne?

I write this not to attack Catholicism; the Church itself excels at that.  I was raised loosely Catholic, until collapsing at 16 when I saw through the pretense in the middle of Mass and fled in horror.  I was an atheist for decades, until I experienced divinity in a vision in 2006, but I have friends in the fold and this is meant for them and those like them, and for all who may avert tragedy and benefit from my experience.

Shocking realities planned to soon be disclosed by the Vatican will rock long-held beliefs to their core.  In times of global change – and the one we are now in is as radical as they get – it is important to be aware of related changes in paradigms; in realities and entities too powerful to ignore with impunity.  Many are unpleasant and upsetting.  Deception is even more rampant in the world today than it lately has been.  This ramping up of deceit will continue to intensify, I fear, making personal discernment and caution correspondingly crucial.

The Catholic Church, Inc. that Catholicism has become, like all corporate powers, supercedes religion and human needs.  It denies God and humanity everywhere it can.  A super-corporate City-State, the world’s largest by far rivaling in wealth and real property even the richest of nations, it is a corporation like all others: masquerading as faith.   As in every corporation, profit is its sole concern.  Its currency, the human soul.  Corruption is the inevitable result.  And from that taint grew the pedophelia-spawning Satanism foretold by the Third Fatima Secret, so long hidden by the Vatican.  Priests must shelter their pedophile brethren under threat of excommunication.


More Curious Goings On; Peculiar Indeed

Fear of dealing with that secret was the main reason Ratzinger (Benedict XVI’s actual surname – telling?) resigned the papacy earlier this year.  At Fatima (in the 1930s), it was revealed that the Pope and Catholic Church would soon be controlled by Satan.  The right-wing Jesuit group Opus Dei, in fact, would  more correctly be called Opus Luciferi, for that is the true nature of its agendaIt is in the ancient subterranian labyrinth beneath St. Peter’s Basilica, of ossuaries, crypts, and mausoleums hidden deep underground, that Vatican insiders do a darker dance – the real business of Catholicism… the Roman Curious.


John Paul II – In Life, and (left) In Bonfire In Poland, Months After His Death

Pope John Paul II, whose immediate predecessor was secretly murdered, by the way, delivered a major address in Israel, in March 2000, on Jerusalem’s Sermon (On the) Mount, from a throne that bore an inverted (Satanic) cross.  Why?  The Church, infected long before Vatican II, has been filthy with demons since; this contagion extends far beyond Rome, to the highest levels of world governments, especially Western.   All of this points out how critical it now is to guard, religiously, against deception… everywhere.  Vigilance is imperative in matters of eternity.


Official Deception Is Rampant and On the Rise – Note the Pyramid Bankster Illuminati Eye

Think about it, if you can.  Don’t believe me?  Good!  You’re catching on.  Try this: Google “satanic pope” and you might be shocked at images you see.  Remember too as you search: keep in mind the importance of symbolism in Catholicism and Masonic ritual.  There is sudden recent talk from the Vatican of ETs coming.  Something diabolical is in the works, here.  Beware.

Ratzinger’s tenure at the helm of the Vatican Ship of State is not unlike that of another wreckless navigator, Capt. Francesco Schettino of Costa Concordia cuise ship infamy last year, also in Italy.  As Benedict XVI, Ratzinger has steered the Church toward a similar rendezvous-with-the-rocks of destiny.  The human toll, however, will be far more disastrous for his faithful ovines, who are largely unaware of lupine treachery from those they trust the most, let alone that they are being led to slaughter.

My recent research into ETs, UFOs, and the new paradigm that’s rapidly developing – particularly Pope Benedict’s resignation – led me to St. Malachy of Armagh and his 12th Prophecy of the Popes, in which St. Malachy saw enumerated in a vision all 112 pontiffs, each identified by a unique signature phrase, of which Benedict XVI was the penultimate immediately preceeding the final Pope, Petrus Romanus, at the end of whose reign the city ofRome would be destroyed.”

Demon from the Vatican Vaults

From Vatican Vaults – A Saintly Relic?

Petrus Romanus, or “Peter of Rome,” seems at the moment to be Peter Cardinal Turkson of Ghana, the early front-runner in media speculation on the upcoming Conclave to become the Bible’s false-prophet sidekick of the Anti-Christ, in Apocalyptic End-Times jargon.  A vain Turkson, who last week publicly announced his desire to be Pope – anathema, in the past – appears to possess the requisite Luciferian attributes and to be prepared to pull off the great apostacy foretold by the Blessed Mother at Fatima.

A friend scoffed recently and told me, “No one can predict the future!”  I reminded him of Einstein, and that time and space are a single fabric that can be manipulated, making “time travel” a very real possibility.  I have lately seen sufficient evidence to convince me that some prophecy is indeed true, as in divinely inspired.

That research also led me to renewed appreciation of the Bible as historical document.   It also has given me further insights to divinity, and reconfirmed old doubts I had about segments of Biblical text corrupted at the 1st Council of Nicea, in AD 325.  Clearly, one element of omniscience is how to keep me on my toes.  It has all brought me further appreciation of Scripture in general, which I can see with new eyes now having been away from it since adolescence.  Fifty roundtrips of life lived amount to a powerful   interpretational aid.  The same stories read 50 years apart deliver new insights that make me wonder how and why I could have overlooked them so long.  Still unresolved are problems I have with the mainstream’s Bible.

Cardinals Roosting in Sistine Chapel, 2005

College of Cardinals in Sistine Chapel, 2005. Click Image for Sistine Ceiling Views with Gregorian Chant.

The coming years will see this brazen New Church: the Spread-Legged Whore of Babylon, Baltimore, Bangkok, Beirut, Berlin, Binghamton, Birmingham….  The new Pope, Petrus Romanus, will doubtless be in league with the US President, with one-world government and far worse deceptions in mind.  The Bible, irrelevant?


Hint of Higher Ire?

The book Petrus Romanus mentioned above, by Thomas Horn and Chris Putnam, was released last year and looks gently – the authors are Christians – at the Vatican, examining particularly the Prophecy of the Popes.  The authors discuss St. Malachy’s vision at great length, and are at work on a new volume exploring Vatican ties to ETs.  Sudden Vatican interest in that topic should ring alarm bells off the hook.  Something despicable, diabolic, is in the wind, possibly including false ET gods or messiah.  This, coming from the Vatican, mind you.

And, they have a live cam on a dead Pope!  A 24-hour video watch of John Paul II’s tomb is being operated by the Vatican, seriously, presumably to record the late Pope’s imminent resurrection.  Don’t put anything past them.  It fits with “Revelations” prophecy.  But keep a wary eye out for astonishing breaking news.

It may be a rough sail ahead for the world’s Catholics – for people of all faiths and none – while the winds of change roil waters.  The coming months may overwhelm some with confusion; your beliefs – your very faith in God – will be challenged.  Deception is everywhere, especially in all mainstream media – the elite cabal’s pride and joy, and greatest tool in controlling the minds of their subjects.

If I told what little I know about what is instore for the world; about the extent of their armory, I would be laughed off the internet and killed by the “good guys.”  As it is, the bad guys will kill me anyway, I expect.  Lucifer hates truth; they obey him.   But I’ve said enough, for now.

In closing, I wish all peace in the Almighty.  I have nothing for sale nor agendas to push.  Do not fear the future but be prepared.  Be  strong and of good courage.  …The truth will set you free.  But only after it pisses you off.

P.S. – I owe thanks to the late Fr. Malachi Martin, S.J., Vatican exorcist and author, with whom I share a birthdate and to whom I send my love and gratitude for his priceless insight and grace.

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Disclosurenpcc_menuNOTE:  Since this posting, further knowledge and recent data crucial to the issue has come to my attention about its subjects.  Dr. Greer maintains that ALL ETs are beneficent, a position I now see as naive at best, but may be fundamentally deceptive.  As always, caution is essential; personal discernment, invaluable….

I got the best gift, knowledge, this Christmas Eve that had nothing to do with Christmas but did include comprehensive  re-education in all things Extra-Terrestrial — the beings, their Extra-Terrestrial spacecraft, and their Extra-Terrestrial benevolent intentions – from a remarkable source.  I learned for instance that the term “alien” is a pejorative one and generally best avoided, for lack of specificity if nothing else, as there are such things as terrestrial aliens — an altogether different animal.

My re-education was necessary because I, like too many terrestrials, had little accurate knowledge to draw from about a subject of increasing relevance to me lately.  I found one of  the best Earthly sources of ET data, and quickly learned how much I needed to forget, and how vastly different are our cosmic realities.  Things like Reptilian shapeshifting and inter-dimensionality, for starters, that ETs confront routinely, and seem to link to the supernatural.  This is a realm where humans need to tread cautiously, at the very least.


Familiarization with these phenomena and more can increase understanding and facilitate contact.  These beings, in nearly every imaginable way, are radically different from humans and will require substantial changes in our thinking to understand and experience.  But, with possibly millions of more years than ours of evolutionary development and, by one informed estimate, 10,000 years of technological advancement, they may have a lot to offer.  And, they are apparently ready, willing, and eager to share.  I asked, in an earlier post, what was the next step in the Contact process.  The answer: They are waiting for us — to reach a collective maturity; human readiness, as a singular global culture of one mind.  Spiritual maturity especially, as it is our common ground and a universal language, but the terrestrials are struggling; it may take a while.

However, there is another, very dark, side of Alien contact involving abduction and abuse experienced by over a million humans against their will, corroborated by psychiatrists, that is a potential game-changer.  This exposes massive human vulnerabilty to deception and worse.

I learned from Greer that extra-terrestrial civilizations have been keeping a close and wary eye on our activities for centuries and would be willing — relieved might be a more appropriate assessment —  to assist our long-awaited assimilation into the inter-galactic community.  It came as no surprise to me to learn that humans, who occupy the lowest evolutionary rung on the celestial ladder, are looked upon as poor relations, the lunatic barbarians of the astral neighborhood; the Earth, its insane asylum.  So the next move, which is apparently up to us, will consist largely of an astronomical public relations coup to present a better, smarter face than we’ve lately been able to show.  Humans have failed every effort ETs have made to contact us as a species, which with significant exceptions of abduction, etc., they have done peacefully.  The immaturity we’ve demonstrated  consistently has sent them the wrong message.

This gift also made me realize that my last post, about “alien” contact, may have unwittingly advanced a dark agenda – a massive deliberate disinformation campaign – being waged worldwide by a powerful cabal of delusional lesser beings who see greed as virtue and themselves above all.  It revealed a situation of global pathology as unthinkable as it is dangerous; a web of deception, concealment, and murder; a cover-up so pervasive it has become unspeakable.  It is rooted in the global addiction to oil.

Its aim – one of them – is the perpetuation of conflict, to convince humans with seeds of hate and fear that “aliens” are an enemy and dupe us into believing there is such an agenda among ETs.  This dark but powerful and well-funded group with vested interests in controlling public opinion spread the notion that “alien attack” is imminent.  Evidence of their work is rife in the mainstream media: they own it.  Banners screaming “Alien Attack” and their like are ubiquitous these days on the web and in print.  They’re brought to you by the folks responsible for 9-11 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I will not here dwell further on the subject – it is dealt with elsewhere in greater depth and by hands more capable than mine.  Watch this video now, of THE PLAN. Disclosure-UFO-134

The source of the aforementioned ET enlightenment is one extraordinary individual – a country doctor from North Carolina — Emergency Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Steven Greer.  His primary organization, The Disclosure Project, is not only a clearing house for criminal and extra-terrestrial evidence, Dr. Greer himself is the leading authority on ET entities of all kinds, and on contact with them, successfully hosting frequent events and developing contact techniques and protocols.  He also spearheads a campaign to develop revolutionary alternative energy technologies that will replace oil — and all carbon-based energy sources — with powerful new technologies that are ecologically compatible and free, and have the real potential to wipe out poverty worldwide.

There was more to the hysteria surrounding Dec. 21, 2012, than the superficial doomsday madness.   A larger, cosmic change – more subtle but no less dramatic – is taking place globally and universally and it will be with us for the next five-hundred-thousand years or so.  It is the insurance policy for Dr. Greer’s and efforts like it that claim may shepherd an era of enlightenment on Earth.  Remember… 95% of the known universe is UNKNOWN – made up of what scientists call Dark Matter and Dark Energy.   NINETY-FIVE PERCENT of the world in which we humans live is undetectable to human technology.  …A fact worth reminding to the smug.

Those of you familiar with the Disclosure Project may already be aware that this is likely a part of the most crucial endeavor mankind has undertaken, its scope profound beyond words.  This is no walk in the park.  The stakes cannot be higher.  It is the watershed moment of the human race, and as such is RIPE FOR DECPTION!  It does not get any bigger.  For those of you, like me, new to this: if you value your freedom and are angry that it has been highjacked, raped and tortured, please investigate.  SEE for YOURSELF and DISCERN!  The best Hollywood screenwriters could not have come up with a plot this gripping but may have had a hand in it.  AVOID ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA!  YouTube is a trove of good informative videos, but of much fraud and distortion, as well; be aware (good anytime advice).   



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