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JULY 19, 2013 is the date of Global Financial Collapse, Revealed to me by the True Insider, God, this morning, June 6, 2013, in hope this will help those who trust in it: Cyprus and Russia fare well in the coming debt-crisis confusion among European nations but Wall St., the European Economic Community, and Japan are all losers.  China and India each improve their standing, with Hong Kong surging past Tokyo.  Elsewhere in the Pacific, Australia falls along with its American cousin, weakening Pacific Rim power.

Conditions will then be ripe for military incursion funded by Mitsubishi and Sumitomo Banks to destabilize Kashmir by India.

My Source was specific and insistent about the need for repentance in general.  The information was accompanied with instructions, to post to as wide an audience as practicable.

The Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds, Windsors, Bushes, and related families, must forgive criminally-induced debts of captive nations controlled by privately-owned central banks.  They support eugenics, population reduction, and perpetual war, and have been decisively linked to the 911 and 311 mass murder and terror attacks.  In their attempt to rule the world, they have failed to end poverty, to stop the rape and destruction of the environment, and to encourage human potential.  The Rockefellers’ efforts at scuttling a French/Italian ammendment to the EU/Japan trade pact is one recent example.

“We have been cursed with the reign of gold long enough.  Money constitutes no proper basis of civilization. The time has come to regenerate society — we are on the eve of universal change.” – Eugene V. Debs, 1 January, 1897


Jesus, The Son Of Man.


Mountains of Paper

Mountains of Paper

Cyprus in its Neighborhood

Cyprus in its Neighborhood



Benjamin Fulford

Reads like the front page of a supermarket tabloid.  Those Looneytoon checkout counter headlines were carefully designed to mentally prepare America for the day the truth began to creep out.  Just in case.  ‘Cause what’s hidden behind the Oz curtain is creepier than any tabloid.  Must See VIDEO:  Warning: this is not for the faint-of-heart.  Because it is so creepy the perps were comfortably secure.  They knew no one would ever believe it.  Not one sane soul!  It was their private sick joke; the ultimate insider scoop.  Until a brave few risked their lives and began to shed some light on the darkness.  Many thousands more were murdered and vanished anonymously, but this power trip is nasty business and that’s just a part of the ritual.  There is one very good reason why conspiracy theory is popular: occasional truth.

I fully appreciate the gravity of this matter and the importance of reporting it responsibly. I had a life-changing experience 7 years ago, a vision that awakened me to a larger consciousness and to the divinity within myself and in every living being.  It also gave me responsibilities: to myself, to others, and to truth.  I believe in God, not religion; one has little to do with the other.  My priests are quantum physicists, not bishops.  I am not bound to or within a corporate box, and live happily — and, in poverty — as a result.  I have nothing to gain by distortion and lies, and everything to gain exposing them for the greater human good.  With truth.

Positive change, especially on a global societal scale, seems to occur at a snail’s pace and thus can be difficult to detect initially.  However, a situation as extraordinary as any ever encountered by the human species is now at hand, and is dragging from their castles kicking and screaming small but fundamentally controlling financial interests to affect positive beneficial change at a swifter pace.  That this is finally happening at all is largely a result – astrology aside – of their criminal activities being exposed to the light of day.  They knew that if word got out they would have to run for it.  Fast and hard.  They are running now like the proverbial rats from sinking ships.  The Bushes are at the head of the rat pack.

Netherlands Queen Beatrix, of the Bilderbergers, recently announced her impending, April 30, abdication.  She went gracefully.  Many others are creatures of lesser breeding and will not be so civilized in their response.  Some factions have already resorted to using nuclear weaponry, albeit underground and undersea.  That odd “Virginia earthquake” of August, 2011 has been proven by seismograph to have had an artificial source, and Fulford’s Pentagon sources offered further corroboration.  The Fukushima reactor near-meltdown, with “earthquake” and tsunamis in Japan in March, 2011, was no natural disaster.  It was a direct result of negative reaction to Benjamin Fulford’s work, the subject of this post.  Fulford has the evidence to prove it.  (The link here is to a remarkable YouTube video in which Fulford appears with the Ninja king Chodoin Daikaku and Alexander Romanov to plead their case against the banksters.)


Benedict XVI and Bent Crucifix

This all may sound like wild speculation, but if one examines the facts — evidence —  it is clear that the perps are also the owners of EVERY major mass media outlet, and they can and do effectively control the public mind, significantly shaping public opinion and its view of reality.  Thanks to the Internet, though, which they have scrambled fiercely to control, so far unsuccessfully, light has been shed on their dark plan and they are running scared.

As entrenched global remnants of a degenerate race of inbred genocidal despots crumble and flee, as pillars of the status quo quake and tremble, I recently recalled my stunning realization in college on first glimpsing the world at large: the appallingly low esteem in which the human species was regarded, and forced to regard itself; I saw that its masters – the powers that had been actually looked upon human beings as low-lifes; as a trash race of mongrel slaves.  That they had valid reasons to do so is beside the point.  The very structure of daily existence – The System – was clearly designed to imprint that reality and relentlessly hammer it in at every opportunity banishing any notion that divinity – even a tiny glorious spark – lurked within each individual.

In this remarkable video, and many others of Mr. Fulford available on YouTube, you can trace the week-by-week progress of his efforts to literally save the world from this diabolical conspiracy.  Among them is a telling interview with David Rockefeller in Tokyo, Fulford’s home, in which he cleverly deconstructs segments of the Rockefeller responses.  Fulford had for 6 years been the Asia/Pacific Editor for Forbes Magazine and, shortly after his Rockefeller interview was printed, was offered by the Free Masons – in a typical effort to silence foes – the position of Finance Minister of Japan, ostensibly joining the other side and selling his soul to them in the process – more modus operandi.  He declined.  But only after surviving a dozen assassination attempts and myriad “dirty tricks” meant to discredit him and destroy his reputation and career.

cross2In total, the cabal has roughly a million members worldwode, far fewer in active management.  There are many and varied factions scattered throughout the world, all involving ancient noble bloodlines, aristocracy, banking and – other persistent common threads – pedophilia and Satan worship; oddly, the latter two are particularly rampant in the VaticanPope Benedict XVI, in fact all modern pontifs since Vatican II, have frequently been photographed with common apparently well-known Satanic symbols and imagery – Masonic hand signals, inverted crosses, the famous “Bent Cross,” etc. – were flagrantly and even brazenly displayed.

A recent novel, Petrus Romanus written by three Christian appologists, describes the Prophecy of the Popes by St. Malachy of Armagh who, in a vision on his way to Rome in the 12th C, saw all past and future pontifs.  The current one, Benedict XVI, immediately preceded the final Pope – ostensibly the anti-Christ.  In short, the Vatican is currently a veritable, pardon the pun, hotbed of Satanists.  As a Collapsed Catholic, this observer was more disappointed than surprised.

As evidenced in the video by Mr. Romanov – the great-grandson of the last Russian Emperor, Tsar Nicholas II – there are many “good guys” among this criminal elite; they are the overwhelming majority in fact but consist essentially of the nonviolent among them, who are happy to keep their billions while relinquishing power.  Power is the central issue here, not wealth.  Control.  It is there that pedophilia, that got totally out of control in the Vatican, enters the picture replete with child sacrifice, as demonstrated graphically and famously at the annual Bohemian Grove conclave north of San Francisco, where Satanism rules.

bilderberg0mnBut this delves darker than I wish to go at the moment; this information is all in the public domain and readily available, on YouTube and elsewhere, to the curious researcher.  I want only to open drowsy eyes and to plant a seed of curiosity in inquisitive minds.  Just brace yourself, and bear in mind that this transformation of the planet will usher in a new world of light, creativity and promise, with abundant free clean energy, an oil-free environment, and banishment of poverty, hunger,  and endless wars.

The true reality is vastly different than the one we have been led to believe.  However, the knowledge I learned about this deception these past 2 months made events I had seen over 60 years of a lifetime come together and gel perfectly.  It solved, with a single solution, every “worst moment” of my American timeline – the Kennedy assassinations, M. L. King, 9-11, Pearl Harbor….  One global source was responsible, an axis of evil, oddly enough – the  burning Bushes.  Hallelujah!

As I write this, I just saw on TV news that Pope Benedict XVI has announced his retirement.  St. Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes is playing out.  Accordingly, the next Pope will be the last.  Watch, in the rituals to come, the Vatican Bank and the Vatican Observatory — and its telescope oddly named LUCIFER — for coming news.  They should soon have an announcement regarding Extra-Terrestrial beings!  Seriously.  Big shakeups are instore for Catholics… and Christians in general in terms of ET disclosure.  You won’t find it in mainstream media news, earth-shattering though it is.  The events are ready for Prime Time but the networks aren’t.

BTW – Fulford has hard evidence, for example, of US Black-Ops involvement in generating the Fukishima HAARP-assisted and nuclear detonation-induced earthquake in March, 2011, that rocked and flooded Japan with massive tsunamis, and nearly caused a China Syndrome nuclear meltdown.

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PS – A horrifying, and chilling for any conscious being, Illuminati/Illumi-Corp “Training” video is on view on YouTube.  It’s worth a look: