Crop Circle Images


Honestly, Stonehenge — pictured immediately below — was more likely fashioned by the unassisted hand of man as a fair percentage of modern crop circles, but their link is evident.  I give human labor credit for some crop circles but I waver on the remainder, and I am nearly certain of many being not the work of ETs but of demonic origin, which I now believe is the true nature of “ET” aliens; that they are an essential ingredient of an elaborate diabolical deception.  Even a reincarnated Leonardo da Vinci would be at a loss to reproduce these works of art lately laid down on the chalky moors of Wiltshire.  With themes that range from computer-age fractals to the Sacred Geometry of Renaissance cathedrals, this new addition to the ancient British landscape has the entire human world in suspense wondering have we finally made contact with extraterrestrial civilization.  I’m afraid darker deception may be in the wings, possibly originating closer to Earth but no less other-worldly.



This was the “Warning Message,” in Crabwood, Winchester, a year-to-the-day after the original Bar-Coded Answer to Sagan’s Message appeared adjacent to Chilbolton Observatory’s antenna dish.


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