This site is about connection, hopefully.  Or rather, compensation, for the tragic consequences for humanity and truth. . . during an undisclosed civil war apparently underway within the American government, mainly the Pentagon, between two clearly-defined ancient adversaries: Good vs EvilThe good are patriots trying to save the republic and its Constitution from a violent faction of psychopathic fascist elitists bent on the destruction of humanity.  It can hardly get more primal than that, but wait.  From this parameter a violent Satan-worshipping criminal elite, known as the Illuminati or NWO among many other names, became — by bullying, murder, and subterfuge — the “bosses of the world” and conceived their grand plan of deception that has only recently, thanks to the Internet, gained broad public exposure.  And thankfully a bit of credibility, for these claims are far from believable.  But, absolutely true.

The current struggle has been spread wordwide and shamefully compounded by the obsequious Mainstream Media — entirely pwned;  literally owned by the Bad Guy elites; besides all the gold that had been in Ft. Knox, it remains their proudest possession — whose sychophantic pandering transcends treason in its mockery of the spirit of journalism.   The resulting global fear and confusion produced by this filthy  environment is precisely the goal of the psychopaths who engineered it.  Mind you, it has been engineered. . . painstakingly, over thousands of years; the perpetrators are the very best, at their sinister task, in the universe — which, the USA having been practically handed them on a silver platter with barely a whimper of protest in 2000’s Presidential “election,” they now view as their property by divine (Luciferian) right.  The mainstream news media, especially unctuous in their servility, await orders from above changing stories as circumstances dictate or  truth emerges from real news outlets.

It is our hope to further public awareness of this monstrous perversion of trust and more, to spread truth amid oceans of deception, clever lies, and disinformation that teem around us, and because it is beyond confinement to shed some light on the hideous darkness of the Black Ops world — too horrible for most to initially grasp.  Unimaginable as they are, these nightmares and worse are realThe horror of its very nature strains credibility, just as the pairing of respectable names with their crimes blows it out of the water — traits used to greatest advantage by these perpetrators.  ‘Who, in their right mind, would believe such accusations, against… us?’  Upon this question and its implicit doubt is built an entire doctrine, the soul of the George W. Bush Presidency — Plausible Deniability — the smoke and mirrors of Black Ops spycraft.  This notion is the backbone of all modern Black Ops (the most odious, thus effective, of dirtywork), and closely identified with the Bush family, multi-generational initiates of Yale’s Skull And Bones Society (the home of the Double-Cross) and the greatest beneficiaries of PD use.  Similar mostly Ivy League Satanic homosexual intelligence cults where careers rise or crash meteorically, concomitant with their power, each refine Plausible Deniability to diabolical perfection, in turn by Army, CIA, NSA etc. staffs.

About Me

Brief Version:  I am a single unemployed writer/researcher currently in New York City who, due to circumstances beyond my control and expectations, found myself in middle age suddenly residing in a nursing home.  …A rude awakening, I promise you. I am a thoughtful alpha male with a quiet exuberance for life and the natural outdoors world I am now kept physically from.  Often a step ahead of the crowd, I got the jump on the Great Recession and hammered by disasters personal and financial in 2002-7.  They left me alone and gave me six years in a wheelchair with time to complete a novel, The Nefta Complexity/Nirvana Chronicles; a sure bestseller if ever it finds a publisher.

Those misfortunes also took my family and possessions; all but memories from which I’m now rebuilding — from scratch.  Hard work freed me from that wheelchair, and I can now walk just fine with a cane — that I expect not to hinder my golf game — and of which artful manipulation I’ve nearly perfected.  (Literary critics and fascists beware.)  At various times of my life I’ve worked with Samuel Beckett and Carroll O’Connor, two of a long list of extraordinary individuals whose company it’s been my good fortune to share.

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