McArtichoke’s Theory of Interstellar Stuff

n11lmc_noaoRecent developments beyond the world, or rather the lack of them, have  intrigued me.  As a curious peripheral observer of the UFO phenomenon, I have detected a stellar dis-economy of scale: a cosmological counterpoint to the economic law of diminishing returns.  I often wonder, with the technological capabilities humans possess and the array of devices scanning the sky, why have we not by now made contact with an extra-terrestrial or two?  It certainly is not for lack of effort.  Or of manpower, on our side.  We have several quasi-governmental bodies (SETI, e.g.) devoted solely to the task.

It got me thinking….  There are countless – let’s say thousands and stay on the conservative side for argument’s sake – of earth-similar, life supportable, rocky planets orbiting sun-like stars that we know about in the universe.  It seems to me the likelihood that advanced biological life has arisen on a small percentage of them is large.  Of those planets where life has flourished, a small percentage would develop beings with advanced intelligence, similar to human.

Given that the time period in question is roughly 13.75 billion years (literally, all the time in the world), and taking into account the minute percentages involved, it would seem to me that, by now, we on earth should have experienced incontestable evidence of “communion” much more significant than has been reported to date in popular media.

I have a theory — that I hope is not as close to truth as other theories, the Theory of Gravity or of Evolution come to mind for example – a hypothesis that suggests one  explanation for this Space Age dichotomy.  That is, that intelligence itself poses an existential threat to the species that it (science) is not able to solve, sufficiently to pose a timely solution – a chilling prospect if it applies to our species.

Briefly, my point is that we earthlings have not communed with extra-terrestrial civilizations simply because those civilizations do not exist… long enough for communion to occur before they annihilate themselves; that by the time they reach the capacity to contact, they have progressed to the extent of developing nuclear or other equally destructive technology or weaponry, and they – being human-esque, and thus genetically predisposed to conflict, destroy themselves before they make contact with us.   It is no secret that intelligence – particularly, lesser instances of it – is a dangerous thing.  The ancient Greeks recognized this, millennia ago, and gave us the word sophomore  – roughly, wise fool.

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3 Comments on “McArtichoke’s Theory of Interstellar Stuff”

  1. Howling Winds says:

    ….there is another and perhaps more reasonable solution as to why we allegedly haven’t made contact yet; we simply haven’t been made aware of it and the government is keeping it under wraps. The US government, for one, would have the resources to hide this info if that’s what they chose to do……

    • mccartichoke says:

      Thanks so much for responding to my post. Since posting it, I have been engulfed in painstaking research — that I love every moment of and that has occupied my every waking one, roughly 18 hours/day, 7 days/week, for the past 6 months of my life — into the resources of the own faction and its agenda, described in detail with uncanny accuracy in the Bible. The remainder of my time is thus spent renewing and cultivating an extraordinary relationship with The Alpha and The Omega, The Almighty, LORD God, Jesus Christ, Blessed Savior of Mankind… and thanking Him, for His Patience with me, among many other blessings and recent insights.

      Now, six months into my research, I feel at last I have a thorough grasp of the complex deception that is spun on all past and current events, including information crucial to your comment, specifically: UFOs — they are demonic. They are not extra-terrestrial. Some, as the “orbs of light” observed flying meters above just-forming crop circles in Wiltshire, UK in recent years, are individual demons. Most UFOs are demonic in nature/origin.

      I’ve said enough for now without incurring too much of the Nazi wrath of “official” eavesdroppers, but I am open for further dialogue, perhaps in another country, if it exists; one with a free press. Thanks again, and God Bless.

  2. Dave Butler says:

    Interesting theory! I liked the “sophomore” comment.
    Just wondering if it’s a case of “more” rather than “soph”.
    It’s an open secret among Geneticists, I’m told by expert sources, that the genetic pool of earth’s biosphere is slowly losing genetic information, not gaining it.
    Could it be that we are “dumming down” rather than gaining in complexity? That we are devolving rather than evolving?
    Maybe that’s why we don’t get any real (though plenty of imaginary) ET communion worth documenting?
    But duck your heads. There may be some hate-mail generated from this comment. Better not publish it.

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