BP Gun Public celebrations in American municipalities large and small, from coast to coast, were interrupted Thursday by nuclear assault.  The incidents were so widespread they could not be ignored by the slavish mainstream media, who named their usual “terrorism” suspects:  al Qaeda, the fictional radical Islamists perennially at odds with Israel.  Painting the right public enemy is a crucial part of the plan.

TBarry O'Puppet Soroshis is the reason a Black man occupies the Office of President — to further the goal of racial resentment leading to tighter control.  The incidents today were all about control.  Psy-ops is the nickname given them, for psychological operations.  They are meant to instill mass public fear.

The media did their best to hush the telling of these dramas, portraying them as isolated and localized, and they covered the spectrum to make that possible.   The plan in San Francisco was to break away from live TV coverage of a ML Baseball game nearby to show the mushroom cloud of nuclear destruction rise from the Golden Gate Bridge, which was badly


damaged.  The main span and iconic

Bob Dudley, BP

towers remain.

obama dead bird

BP Executives