ImageHow MANY ARE AWARE THAT God, Almighty can sometimes speak to humans? Not just “speak” but utter entire ‎conversations, some diffused with expletives that would make even Richard Nixon blush. The occasion of the latter ‎occurred to me recently, lasting for nary a full year, changing my life . . . emphaticly and for good.

What I’m getting to here, never mind how roundaboutly, is the fact that it was I who was responsible for the “blue corn” ‎craze. One of the hottest culinary trends in recent decades has been the emergence of Blue Corn Tortillas, Blue Corn ‎Meal, etc. In the summer of 1969, I was an apprentice actor/musician and lighting technician at the Orleans Arena Stage, ‎in Orleans, Mass., on Cape Cod’s elbow. The campus was a summer home to two dozen theatrical trainee hopefuls from across the Northeastern US.  One of my responsibilities was to build and paint the set for a production of ‎Rogers & Hamerstein’s Oklahoma. ‎Image
‎ I was charged with completing the scenery scrims one morning and had a myriad of time constraints to work among . . . ‎that had nothing whatsoever to do with blue corn or Oklahoma. However, I was in charge of providing the cornfields, which, on a flight ‎of fancy the likes of which many 19-year-olds flew the coop when it came to logic and reason, are “as high as an elephant’s eye” I painted the fields of corn a bright ‎blue, for no other reason than to be too tired to flee, but still different.

They at least were as as blue as my eyes.  By 8:00 a.m., director Richard Smythies drove by the scrims crime scene cursing God and Man (Me); he repainted it himself over coffee while I slept.

Hence, thanks to ‎zealous OU agriculture students who went to work, when hearing of this inspirarional anecdote of priceless ignominy: Voilà! ‎A legend is born care of God My Father, Who Proudly Proclaimed My Name In Lights Across The Blue Corn Sky Every Night.  My Fathers’ Love Has No Match this side of Heaven.


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