From The Washington Post:

By Lenny Bernstein, Published: July 2 | Updated: Wednesday, July 3, 7:17 AM

PRESCOTT, Ariz. — Cory Moser was battling the Yarnell fire when word came that the Granite Mountain Hotshots had been overrun by the flames. The Prescott Fire Department division chief sped to the scene, where he found a “moonscape” of bare ground, rocks cracked and chipped from the intense heat of the flames.

Moser, who wound up spending the night minding the bodies of close friends and co-workers, said the desolate scene is one clue that whatever killed the 19 elite members of his fire department may well turn out to have been an unexpected “black swan” event — a rare turn of the weather, conditions or luck that no one expected or could have prevented.

Remembering the firefighters


Read the stories of the 19 firefighters killed in an Arizona wildfire.



The shelter provides breathable air and some heat and fire protection.

“For them to have been run over like that tells me that something spectacular happened, something really unusual,” Moser, 37, said Tuesday.  
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From An Open Letter…
The “something spectacular” Moser mentioned that left devastation at the site was a nuclear detonation.  It was one of precisely 13 unleashed on June 26 on sites in Arizona and New Mexico.

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