Barack-Obama-as-warmongerWorld War Three has broken out this week across a wide swath of the planet and is being completely ignored by Mainstream Media worldwide, but thanks to the infinite generosity of My Source I am privileged not to rely on them.

One must ask just what interests are being served by this behavior, that is bizarre at the very least but has more deeply cynical roots.  What and who benefits by turning a blind eye to the biggest news flash of the century?

The geopolitical pressure cooker steaming with the turmoil of a fraudulent global financial system at last caught up in its own larceny erupted in recent days as the power elite’s desperation reached fever pitch.  War is the usual result.

All-Seeing PyramidWar there was.  Among the nations where full-blown military hostilities broke out — more than thirteen of them — were the U.S., Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Israel, Republic of Korea, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.  Many of these armies consisted entirely of mercenaries including, as in the case of those fighting for the United States, regular armed forces of a foreign nation — The Republic of China. 

They ranged across an area from East Asia to Western Europe, through the Middle East and Balkans, into South America with Chile, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil, and Africa from Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, to Nigeria.

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