NOTE:  I part from Dr. Greer in his assertion that all ETs are benevolent, a position that has been proven very incorrect.  I urge readers caution, and stress the importance of critical discernment everywhere.

What better way to celebrate a visual makeover of this site than a new post with word that an announcement of major societal impact, one that so many have waited long years for, is finally at hand?  This extraordinary video evidence speaks for itself; I will limit my comments to essentials.

The  tiny 6” humanoid was found some two years ago in the vicinity of an egg-shaped UFO craft in Chile’s Atacama Desert, the second driest place on earth.  There appears no chance of a government coverup this time, however, as the being’s partially-mummified remains have been in the possession or control of Dr. Steven Greer since soon after its discovery, and will be further described in Greer and Amardeep Kaleka’s upcoming film documentary, Sirius.

DNA samples of the entity were obtained and studied by one of the world’s preeminent geneticists.  A CT scan revealed that the creature had lungs and what appeared to Dr. Greer to be a heart structure.  The foremost global authority on skeletal abnormalities and displasia determined on examination that the being was unlike any human familiar to him.

Many thanks to goforitrandy for this video.


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