Travis Walton Standing in Doorway of Spacecraft Not in Kansas… Or, Arizona, Any More

Travis Walton, after his abduction, standing in doorway of craft in Shiny New UFO Showroom, not in Kansas any more 

You may have to squint, but he’s there… looking a little lonely, it seemed to me.  I wish I had more information about this, and at least 1 other photo with it, but I remain at a loss to explain the many questions it raises in my mind.  Though still searching, I have yet been unable to find any data from Wikipedia on even the photo’s source, and would welcome reader suggestions.

2 Comments on “Travis Walton Standing in Doorway of Spacecraft Not in Kansas… Or, Arizona, Any More”

  1. Dan Frederiksen says:

    I made the illustration and there was another picture. both have been updated to include the ET human standing next to him that lead him by the arm.
    When Travis saw these illustrations he wrote wow because they were very close to what he saw.
    You can find them on his wikipedia page.
    The ship he’s coming out of is the one that abducted him belonging to the little grey fellows (not the common grey but a very similar species). The m&m mirror ships at the end belong to the human ETs that rescued Travis. It’s all inside a carrier ship, likely of a cigar shape and the size of the room dictates a minimum diameter of 100 meters and maybe 800 meters long. A big ship. Travis and the 6 guys who were with him all passed multiple polygraph tests.
    It is a very interesting case and I consider it very likely that it took place.

  2. A. Temple says:

    Hmmm; funny, but “Travis Walton” seems to have been Photoshopped into the doorway of a space ship that suspiciously resembles the Jupiter II of the old “Lost in Space” TV series. Also there are obvious lighting and rendering artifacts throughout the CGI image, which by modern standards was not done very well.

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