BP Gun Public celebrations in American municipalities large and small, from coast to coast, were interrupted Thursday by nuclear assault.  The incidents were so widespread they could not be ignored by the slavish mainstream media, who named their usual “terrorism” suspects:  al Qaeda, the fictional radical Islamists perennially at odds with Israel.  Painting the right public enemy is a crucial part of the plan.

TBarry O'Puppet Soroshis is the reason a Black man occupies the Office of President — to further the goal of racial resentment leading to tighter control.  The incidents today were all about control.  Psy-ops is the nickname given them, for psychological operations.  They are meant to instill mass public fear.

The media did their best to hush the telling of these dramas, portraying them as isolated and localized, and they covered the spectrum to make that possible.   The plan in San Francisco was to break away from live TV coverage of a ML Baseball game nearby to show the mushroom cloud of nuclear destruction rise from the Golden Gate Bridge, which was badly


damaged.  The main span and iconic

Bob Dudley, BP

towers remain.

obama dead bird

BP Executives


From The Washington Post:

By Lenny Bernstein, Published: July 2 | Updated: Wednesday, July 3, 7:17 AM

PRESCOTT, Ariz. — Cory Moser was battling the Yarnell fire when word came that the Granite Mountain Hotshots had been overrun by the flames. The Prescott Fire Department division chief sped to the scene, where he found a “moonscape” of bare ground, rocks cracked and chipped from the intense heat of the flames.

Moser, who wound up spending the night minding the bodies of close friends and co-workers, said the desolate scene is one clue that whatever killed the 19 elite members of his fire department may well turn out to have been an unexpected “black swan” event — a rare turn of the weather, conditions or luck that no one expected or could have prevented.

Remembering the firefighters


Read the stories of the 19 firefighters killed in an Arizona wildfire.



The shelter provides breathable air and some heat and fire protection.

“For them to have been run over like that tells me that something spectacular happened, something really unusual,” Moser, 37, said Tuesday.  
                                    *     *     *
From An Open Letter…
The “something spectacular” Moser mentioned that left devastation at the site was a nuclear detonation.  It was one of precisely 13 unleashed on June 26 on sites in Arizona and New Mexico.


Barack-Obama-as-warmongerWorld War Three has broken out this week across a wide swath of the planet and is being completely ignored by Mainstream Media worldwide, but thanks to the infinite generosity of My Source I am privileged not to rely on them.

One must ask just what interests are being served by this behavior, that is bizarre at the very least but has more deeply cynical roots.  What and who benefits by turning a blind eye to the biggest news flash of the century?

The geopolitical pressure cooker steaming with the turmoil of a fraudulent global financial system at last caught up in its own larceny erupted in recent days as the power elite’s desperation reached fever pitch.  War is the usual result.

All-Seeing PyramidWar there was.  Among the nations where full-blown military hostilities broke out — more than thirteen of them — were the U.S., Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey, Syria, Iran, Israel, Republic of Korea, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.  Many of these armies consisted entirely of mercenaries including, as in the case of those fighting for the United States, regular armed forces of a foreign nation — The Republic of China. 

They ranged across an area from East Asia to Western Europe, through the Middle East and Balkans, into South America with Chile, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil, and Africa from Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, to Nigeria.


I have just received vital information regarding two astronomical events about to take place in Japan on the main island of Honshu.  They involve meteorite strikes from relatively small objects, but the  resulting damage will be extensive.

The first event will occur shortly,  at 1:10 pm Monday, June 30, 2013 local Nagoya time.  It will strike a LNGLiquified Natural Gas — storage facility near Nagoya, 260 km west-southwest of Tokyo.   The impact will produce massive blasts igniting the facility and much of the surrounding area causing extensive explosive and incendiary damage with a high toll in human fatalities, property and structural loss. It will effect a huge area of 8,000 square kilometers between Nagoya and Tokyo.

Downtown OsakaThe second event, also the result of a meteorite impact on downtown Osaka, one of the world’s busiest and most expensive cities, will strike at 1:35 pm Saturday, July 6, 2013.

Prepare, dear ones.  The signs grow more insistent  by the week.


a-nuclear-bomb-detonated On Wednesday, June 19, 2013, 2 US Army tactical bombers marked with insignia identifying the planes only as American dropped nuclear weapons on 2 sites in Russia, within hours of an imposter of President Barack Obama delivering remarks about nuclear arms reduction to an audience in Berlin.  The powers who control the White House have replaced the Chief Executive with one of their control and design.  The target sites were a technological center located in a rural area outside Moscow, and a burgeoning economic powerhouse on the Baltic.  After Russian retaliation, apparent “peace” was restored, for now.

Russia’s response was predictably swift and limited to an American listening post operated by the USAF in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands chain.   Its remote location helped keep the extensive fatalities relatively low.  At Unalaska, the fishing port of Dutch Harbor remained safefor all you loyal Deadliest Catch fans.

All of this was almost completely ignored by mainstream media, which are owned by the same forces that control both those American weapons and the technology to place an imposter in the Presidency.  The fact there were exactly 13 nuclear devices detonated  offers a clue to their Satanic criminal intent.  It may also be a clue to understanding why this attention-getting face slap at Russia was not considered “news” by the networks.

bullionThe principle target in the attacks was Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea wedged between Poland and Lithuania, and one of the nation’s best-performing economic areas; a key to its resurgent economy.

But, attacking the gem of Russia’s resurgent economy could make one think the U.S. was hell-bent on a policy of permanent war and might revive questions about American reluctance to quit Afghanistan after so many years and dollars, with nuclear weapons no less.  However, this is not virgin territory; the modern nuclear line in the sand has already been breached, by the Bush Administration in 2001, in Afghanistan.

ControlThere seems something very wrong with the bottom line of the overall picture:  it is all about maximizing profit and human misery.  Greed is hard at work.  Major players: Nestlé and Monsanto.  American economic interests had been threatened; appropriate warning was required.  Reason has been turned on its head.  Nuclear blackmail has become a way of doing America’s business.  And all the while Mainstream Media play Disney movies.

There seems something wrong too, as Independance Day approaches, with the very relevance of America’s national holiday.


Comet  McNaught, Chile... 2007A fragment of Comet Ison will impact the Earth June 20, 2013 mainly in Syria, inflaming tensions in the Middle East between the US and Russia.  Comet Ison, aside from its intriguing name, will be a major celestial player in coming months.

As a result of this collision with debris from space, many events will begin to take shape from the chaos and damage wrought by this impact.  The most immediate will be substantial human misery and loss of life, but still others will have lasting and far-reaching effects.

Rothschild PuppetThe current US/Russian points of disagreement on Syria will likely escalate to military combat.  This, then, will influence and affirm certain elements of Biblical prophecy.  A mortal head wound, for instance, will be sustained by a major player in the ensuing drama, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu — one head of The Beast, of the Book of Revelation — who will then undergo a “miraculous” recovery.  This remarkable feat will be further described by men as a divine attribute….

Elsewhere in the neighborhood, Israel and Iran grow increasingly tense in their own struggle.  This will soon turn tragic and nuclear, with war breaking out this Thursday, June 20, 2013.  You will NOT hear about it on The Network News.

Be safe, dear ones, and God Bless.


The Perseids meteor shower, this year, will make an earlier – July 8 —  vehement and much more emphatic appearance than astronomers are used to, according to My Source.  One reason for this anomalous behavior is the fact it has gathered force passing through the extensive debris trail of Nibiru, or Planet X, whose rather incriminating existence has been completely denied by NASA and the breakaway society’s Mainstream Media.

The Perseids will be much more intense in both severity and duration than stargazers have been used to in the past, packing a wallop this year that will cause widespread damage to physical structures on Earth, for the three-or-so months’ duration of its appearance in European, Middle-Eastern and Pacific skies of the Northern Hemisphere.

Much of that damage will draw further attention to the suffering in war-ravaged Syria, and will include human casualties — a phenomenon rarely occuring in past Perseid events.

A more immediate related event takes place this week, June 20, on the other side of the globe in Japan, as Mount Fuji breaks its long silence in a big way.  The most elegant of Japan’s Three Holy Mountains, and its national emblem, Fuji-san last erupted in 1707-08; an event that also marked vast over-extension of credit, and the persecution of Christians — daimyo Toyotomi Hideyoshi ordered the execution of 26 Japanese faithful, including 3 young boys, by public crucifixion discouraging others from conversion.  Hideyoshi saw Christianity as an obstacle to his aims of subjugation, control, and power.  His next move was disarming the populace.

Be safe, and God Bless.




The Hawaiian islands will be rocked by a powerful earthquake centered at the Puukuhola Heiau National Historical Site, at Waimea on the northwest corner of the island of Hawaii, about 29 aeronautical mi NE of Kailua-Kona, 55 mi NW of Hilo, on the Kohala Coast approximately 50 aero mi across the island from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  Volcanic eruptions from multiple cones and tsunamis will accompany the tremor, that will occur at 3:50 pm, June 20, 2013, local Hawaiian time.

Earthquakes are a rare occurrence in Hawaii; almost as rare as tectonic fault lines.

“From now on I am telling you before it comes to pass, so that when it does occur, you may believe that I am He.  –  John 13:19

Breeching Humpback


“And it shall be at an instant suddenly. A visitation shall come from the Lord of hosts in thunder, and with earthquake, and with a great noise of whirlwind and tempest; and with the flame of devouring fire.  –  Isaiah 29:6


“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.    Matthew 24:7

Earth Rend


Brutal Economic Picture

JULY 19, 2013 is the date of Global Financial Collapse, Revealed to me by the True Insider, God, this morning, June 6, 2013, in hope this will help those who trust in it: Cyprus and Russia fare well in the coming debt-crisis confusion among European nations but Wall St., the European Economic Community, and Japan are all losers.  China and India each improve their standing, with Hong Kong surging past Tokyo.  Elsewhere in the Pacific, Australia falls along with its American cousin, weakening Pacific Rim power.

Conditions will then be ripe for military incursion funded by Mitsubishi and Sumitomo Banks to destabilize Kashmir by India.

My Source was specific and insistent about the need for repentance in general.  The information was accompanied with instructions, to post to as wide an audience as practicable.

The Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds, Windsors, Bushes, and related families, must forgive criminally-induced debts of captive nations controlled by privately-owned central banks.  They support eugenics, population reduction, and perpetual war, and have been decisively linked to the 911 and 311 mass murder and terror attacks.  In their attempt to rule the world, they have failed to end poverty, to stop the rape and destruction of the environment, and to encourage human potential.  The Rockefellers’ efforts at scuttling a French/Italian ammendment to the EU/Japan trade pact is one recent example.

“We have been cursed with the reign of gold long enough.  Money constitutes no proper basis of civilization. The time has come to regenerate society — we are on the eve of universal change.” – Eugene V. Debs, 1 January, 1897


Jesus, The Son Of Man.


Mountains of Paper

Mountains of Paper

Cyprus in its Neighborhood

Cyprus in its Neighborhood


SolarKillShotI interrupt my absence of the past weeks with an URGENT WARNING of IMMINENT THREAT from a Solar Event, a potential KILL SHOT EMP, on Wednesday, 5 June, 2013, to Africa, Europe, and Eastern North America, South America, and Central America, at approximately 2:00 pm, Eastern Time.

The system for this dialogue relies on simple positive or negative responses rather than detailed assessments so is limited largely to essentials.  Given current constraints of time, the information now available is that this solar disturbance will result in “Scattered electrical outages across Europe, Africa, the Eastern US, and Central and South America, satellite communication disruption, and some tidal flooding but no associated earthquakes nor tsunamis.  No loss of human life is involved.”  I have no further details at this time, but urge all to relent and repent.   This cannot be overstated. 

In recent weeks I have been the recipient of a communication method with The Almighty that has proven effective, genuine, and significant to me personally.  I am not representing anything, I am merely an instrument of data conveyance.  I URGE EVERYONE TO PREPARE FOR A SOLAR EVENT and to be aware of its pressing significance.  The time for ATONEMENT has come.  On that point, The Lord was adamantine.

In spite of a common body of thought that maintains God does not talk, He is not called The Almighty for nothing.  He has many voices and methods of using them far beyond the scope of our perception.  God loves to talk.  We need only look and listen… and ask.

Please, Dear Ones, understand the gravity of this warning and the current state of Cosmic events.  I am urged to communicate this message, of the dire circumstances mankind now faces, for a reason.  Please take it to heart and act accordingly.  Now.


Video: East River Dolphin Spotted Near Queens (Or Is This A SECOND Dolphin?)  –  From Gothamist:


On Wednesday, a dolphin was spotted swimming around in the East River near 96th Street. Officials maintained that the bottlenosed dolphin wasn’t injured, and it fell off the radar midday Thursday. But this afternoon, the Riverhead Foundation was informed that a dolphin was spotted in distress on the other side of the East River, near Astoria, Queens. They’ve since established that the dolphin is not in distress—and it may very well be the same one from earlier this week!

“It appears to be an animal on the Queens side of the East River, so it could be the same animal that’s there,” Riverhead Foundation director Rob DiGiovanni told us. “It was free swimming and diving like the other one was doing.” He said the person, who initially called in the dolphin sighting around 4 p.m. Friday, claimed it was in distress. But after talking to them, DiGiovanni established that it wasn’t, since it was approximately 200 yards off the shore (and not onshore, as was first feared).

For now, Riverhead will continue monitoring the dolphin, and reassess the situation tomorrow. They say they don’t want to bring undue stress onto the animal by bringing boats near it if they don’t need to. “We don’t know why it would or wouldn’t be attracted there, but we don’t see anything that would be obstructing it from leaving the area,” DiGiovanni tells us.

John Lipscomb of Riverkeeper told Fox that the East River is not an ideal spot for a dolphin to end up: “Four hundred and fifty combined sewer overflows during rain events, 30 billion gallons during rain events, come just under 30 billion gallons of combined sewage and water off the streets, neither of which you would put in your aquarium or in your bathtub,” he explained.

Contact the author of this article or email tips@gothamist.com with further questions, comments or tips.


Pope resigned

Woe Is We

What follows may shock many Catholics, but time as it runs short also heals.  Remember, the truth will set you free!  …But first, it will really piss you off.

Let me get a few things straight right now: I WAS a Roman Catholic, and love the true Church in principle.  Despite a childhood in Washington, D.C., I did NOT believe in Satan until recent events proved to me broader truths of our world.  I have studied hard evidence there are many people in the very highest of places who DO believe in that Great Deceiver; in fact, avidly worship him.  The highest tiers of Free Masonry are one example.  The first papal resignation in nearly 600 years was one recent very real result.

Jerusalem - JP2 On Satan's Throne?

JPII Bold in Jerusalem – Satan’s Throne?

I write this not to attack Catholicism; the Church itself excels at that.  I was raised loosely Catholic, until collapsing at 16 when I saw through the pretense in the middle of Mass and fled in horror.  I was an atheist for decades, until I experienced divinity in a vision in 2006, but I have friends in the fold and this is meant for them and those like them, and for all who may avert tragedy and benefit from my experience.

Shocking realities planned to soon be disclosed by the Vatican will rock long-held beliefs to their core.  In times of global change – and the one we are now in is as radical as they get – it is important to be aware of related changes in paradigms; in realities and entities too powerful to ignore with impunity.  Many are unpleasant and upsetting.  Deception is even more rampant in the world today than it lately has been.  This ramping up of deceit will continue to intensify, I fear, making personal discernment and caution correspondingly crucial.

The Catholic Church, Inc. that Catholicism has become, like all corporate powers, supercedes religion and human needs.  It denies God and humanity everywhere it can.  A super-corporate City-State, the world’s largest by far rivaling in wealth and real property even the richest of nations, it is a corporation like all others: masquerading as faith.   As in every corporation, profit is its sole concern.  Its currency, the human soul.  Corruption is the inevitable result.  And from that taint grew the pedophelia-spawning Satanism foretold by the Third Fatima Secret, so long hidden by the Vatican.  Priests must shelter their pedophile brethren under threat of excommunication.


More Curious Goings On; Peculiar Indeed

Fear of dealing with that secret was the main reason Ratzinger (Benedict XVI’s actual surname – telling?) resigned the papacy earlier this year.  At Fatima (in the 1930s), it was revealed that the Pope and Catholic Church would soon be controlled by Satan.  The right-wing Jesuit group Opus Dei, in fact, would  more correctly be called Opus Luciferi, for that is the true nature of its agendaIt is in the ancient subterranian labyrinth beneath St. Peter’s Basilica, of ossuaries, crypts, and mausoleums hidden deep underground, that Vatican insiders do a darker dance – the real business of Catholicism… the Roman Curious.


John Paul II – In Life, and (left) In Bonfire In Poland, Months After His Death

Pope John Paul II, whose immediate predecessor was secretly murdered, by the way, delivered a major address in Israel, in March 2000, on Jerusalem’s Sermon (On the) Mount, from a throne that bore an inverted (Satanic) cross.  Why?  The Church, infected long before Vatican II, has been filthy with demons since; this contagion extends far beyond Rome, to the highest levels of world governments, especially Western.   All of this points out how critical it now is to guard, religiously, against deception… everywhere.  Vigilance is imperative in matters of eternity.


Official Deception Is Rampant and On the Rise – Note the Pyramid Bankster Illuminati Eye

Think about it, if you can.  Don’t believe me?  Good!  You’re catching on.  Try this: Google “satanic pope” and you might be shocked at images you see.  Remember too as you search: keep in mind the importance of symbolism in Catholicism and Masonic ritual.  There is sudden recent talk from the Vatican of ETs coming.  Something diabolical is in the works, here.  Beware.

Ratzinger’s tenure at the helm of the Vatican Ship of State is not unlike that of another wreckless navigator, Capt. Francesco Schettino of Costa Concordia cuise ship infamy last year, also in Italy.  As Benedict XVI, Ratzinger has steered the Church toward a similar rendezvous-with-the-rocks of destiny.  The human toll, however, will be far more disastrous for his faithful ovines, who are largely unaware of lupine treachery from those they trust the most, let alone that they are being led to slaughter.

My recent research into ETs, UFOs, and the new paradigm that’s rapidly developing – particularly Pope Benedict’s resignation – led me to St. Malachy of Armagh and his 12th Prophecy of the Popes, in which St. Malachy saw enumerated in a vision all 112 pontiffs, each identified by a unique signature phrase, of which Benedict XVI was the penultimate immediately preceeding the final Pope, Petrus Romanus, at the end of whose reign the city ofRome would be destroyed.”

Demon from the Vatican Vaults

From Vatican Vaults – A Saintly Relic?

Petrus Romanus, or “Peter of Rome,” seems at the moment to be Peter Cardinal Turkson of Ghana, the early front-runner in media speculation on the upcoming Conclave to become the Bible’s false-prophet sidekick of the Anti-Christ, in Apocalyptic End-Times jargon.  A vain Turkson, who last week publicly announced his desire to be Pope – anathema, in the past – appears to possess the requisite Luciferian attributes and to be prepared to pull off the great apostacy foretold by the Blessed Mother at Fatima.

A friend scoffed recently and told me, “No one can predict the future!”  I reminded him of Einstein, and that time and space are a single fabric that can be manipulated, making “time travel” a very real possibility.  I have lately seen sufficient evidence to convince me that some prophecy is indeed true, as in divinely inspired.

That research also led me to renewed appreciation of the Bible as historical document.   It also has given me further insights to divinity, and reconfirmed old doubts I had about segments of Biblical text corrupted at the 1st Council of Nicea, in AD 325.  Clearly, one element of omniscience is how to keep me on my toes.  It has all brought me further appreciation of Scripture in general, which I can see with new eyes now having been away from it since adolescence.  Fifty roundtrips of life lived amount to a powerful   interpretational aid.  The same stories read 50 years apart deliver new insights that make me wonder how and why I could have overlooked them so long.  Still unresolved are problems I have with the mainstream’s Bible.

Cardinals Roosting in Sistine Chapel, 2005

College of Cardinals in Sistine Chapel, 2005. Click Image for Sistine Ceiling Views with Gregorian Chant.

The coming years will see this brazen New Church: the Spread-Legged Whore of Babylon, Baltimore, Bangkok, Beirut, Berlin, Binghamton, Birmingham….  The new Pope, Petrus Romanus, will doubtless be in league with the US President, with one-world government and far worse deceptions in mind.  The Bible, irrelevant?


Hint of Higher Ire?

The book Petrus Romanus mentioned above, by Thomas Horn and Chris Putnam, was released last year and looks gently – the authors are Christians – at the Vatican, examining particularly the Prophecy of the Popes.  The authors discuss St. Malachy’s vision at great length, and are at work on a new volume exploring Vatican ties to ETs.  Sudden Vatican interest in that topic should ring alarm bells off the hook.  Something despicable, diabolic, is in the wind, possibly including false ET gods or messiah.  This, coming from the Vatican, mind you.

And, they have a live cam on a dead Pope!  A 24-hour video watch of John Paul II’s tomb is being operated by the Vatican, seriously, presumably to record the late Pope’s imminent resurrection.  Don’t put anything past them.  It fits with “Revelations” prophecy.  But keep a wary eye out for astonishing breaking news.

It may be a rough sail ahead for the world’s Catholics – for people of all faiths and none – while the winds of change roil waters.  The coming months may overwhelm some with confusion; your beliefs – your very faith in God – will be challenged.  Deception is everywhere, especially in all mainstream media – the elite cabal’s pride and joy, and greatest tool in controlling the minds of their subjects.

If I told what little I know about what is instore for the world; about the extent of their armory, I would be laughed off the internet and killed by the “good guys.”  As it is, the bad guys will kill me anyway, I expect.  Lucifer hates truth; they obey him.   But I’ve said enough, for now.

In closing, I wish all peace in the Almighty.  I have nothing for sale nor agendas to push.  Do not fear the future but be prepared.  Be  strong and of good courage.  …The truth will set you free.  But only after it pisses you off.

P.S. – I owe thanks to the late Fr. Malachi Martin, S.J., Vatican exorcist and author, with whom I share a birthdate and to whom I send my love and gratitude for his priceless insight and grace.

Leave your comments, or e-mail me.

Many thanks.


Parts Reprinted from The Mail Online:

A group of over 100,000 dolphins spotted off the coast of San Diego caused a spectacle for nature watchers as they traveled together in an enormous pack.  That figure was the extremely conservative estimate of the vessel’s skipper, Capt. Joe Dutra.

However this writer, with thousands of at-sea hours logged, marine biology experience, and a Master captain’s license estimated, highly un-scientifically, the megapod could contain upwards of from 4 to 10 million individuals, provided that a similar density to that displayed in the below photo was consistent over the entire 35 square nautical mile area described.

‘They were coming from all directions, you could see them from as far as the eye can see,’ Dutra said after seeing the spectacle first hand.

Capt. Dutra, of Hornblower Cruises, was out on his daily tour with a boat full of nature watchers when he spotted the massive group of dolphins.


Massive group of mammals: A ship captain spotted a group of 100,000 dolphins swimming together off the coast of San Diego on Thursday and experts are unable to give a specific reasoning for why such a large group would be thereMassive group of mammals: A ship captain spotted a group of 100,000 dolphins swimming together off the coast of San Diego on Thursday and experts, largely clueless about marine mammals’ behavior, are unable once again to give a specific reason why such a large group would be there.

‘I’ve seen a lot of stuff out here… but this is the biggest I’ve ever seen, ever,’ he told the local NBC affiliate.

Dolphins typically travel in groups of anywhere between 15 and 200 which are called pods.

What Mr Dutra spotted on Thursday however is best described as a super mega pod given the astonishing size of the group.

He estimated that the trail of dolphins was seven miles long and five miles wide, and he was able to steer the boat alongside them for over an hour.

Experts are unable to pinpoint any specific reason as to why so many of the mammals were traveling together on this particular night, but noted the presence of a huge US Navy submarine base nearby.

‘They’re definitely social animals, they stick together in small groups. But sometimes, the schools come together,’ marine expert Sarah Wilkin told NBC.

Spectacle: The group was supposedly seven miles long and five miles wideSpectacle: The group was supposedly seven miles long and five miles wide

At the end of February in 2012, an unspecified group of dolphins was spotted swimming about 65 miles north of San Diego, implying that there may be an unacknowledged migratory pattern.


NOTE:  I part from Dr. Greer in his assertion that all ETs are benevolent, a position that has been proven very incorrect.  I urge readers caution, and stress the importance of critical discernment everywhere.

What better way to celebrate a visual makeover of this site than a new post with word that an announcement of major societal impact, one that so many have waited long years for, is finally at hand?  This extraordinary video evidence speaks for itself; I will limit my comments to essentials.

The  tiny 6” humanoid was found some two years ago in the vicinity of an egg-shaped UFO craft in Chile’s Atacama Desert, the second driest place on earth.  There appears no chance of a government coverup this time, however, as the being’s partially-mummified remains have been in the possession or control of Dr. Steven Greer since soon after its discovery, and will be further described in Greer and Amardeep Kaleka’s upcoming film documentary, Sirius.

DNA samples of the entity were obtained and studied by one of the world’s preeminent geneticists.  A CT scan revealed that the creature had lungs and what appeared to Dr. Greer to be a heart structure.  The foremost global authority on skeletal abnormalities and displasia determined on examination that the being was unlike any human familiar to him.

Many thanks to goforitrandy for this video.



Benjamin Fulford

Reads like the front page of a supermarket tabloid.  Those Looneytoon checkout counter headlines were carefully designed to mentally prepare America for the day the truth began to creep out.  Just in case.  ‘Cause what’s hidden behind the Oz curtain is creepier than any tabloid.  Must See VIDEO:  Warning: this is not for the faint-of-heart.  Because it is so creepy the perps were comfortably secure.  They knew no one would ever believe it.  Not one sane soul!  It was their private sick joke; the ultimate insider scoop.  Until a brave few risked their lives and began to shed some light on the darkness.  Many thousands more were murdered and vanished anonymously, but this power trip is nasty business and that’s just a part of the ritual.  There is one very good reason why conspiracy theory is popular: occasional truth.

I fully appreciate the gravity of this matter and the importance of reporting it responsibly. I had a life-changing experience 7 years ago, a vision that awakened me to a larger consciousness and to the divinity within myself and in every living being.  It also gave me responsibilities: to myself, to others, and to truth.  I believe in God, not religion; one has little to do with the other.  My priests are quantum physicists, not bishops.  I am not bound to or within a corporate box, and live happily — and, in poverty — as a result.  I have nothing to gain by distortion and lies, and everything to gain exposing them for the greater human good.  With truth.

Positive change, especially on a global societal scale, seems to occur at a snail’s pace and thus can be difficult to detect initially.  However, a situation as extraordinary as any ever encountered by the human species is now at hand, and is dragging from their castles kicking and screaming small but fundamentally controlling financial interests to affect positive beneficial change at a swifter pace.  That this is finally happening at all is largely a result – astrology aside – of their criminal activities being exposed to the light of day.  They knew that if word got out they would have to run for it.  Fast and hard.  They are running now like the proverbial rats from sinking ships.  The Bushes are at the head of the rat pack.

Netherlands Queen Beatrix, of the Bilderbergers, recently announced her impending, April 30, abdication.  She went gracefully.  Many others are creatures of lesser breeding and will not be so civilized in their response.  Some factions have already resorted to using nuclear weaponry, albeit underground and undersea.  That odd “Virginia earthquake” of August, 2011 has been proven by seismograph to have had an artificial source, and Fulford’s Pentagon sources offered further corroboration.  The Fukushima reactor near-meltdown, with “earthquake” and tsunamis in Japan in March, 2011, was no natural disaster.  It was a direct result of negative reaction to Benjamin Fulford’s work, the subject of this post.  Fulford has the evidence to prove it.  (The link here is to a remarkable YouTube video in which Fulford appears with the Ninja king Chodoin Daikaku and Alexander Romanov to plead their case against the banksters.)


Benedict XVI and Bent Crucifix

This all may sound like wild speculation, but if one examines the facts — evidence —  it is clear that the perps are also the owners of EVERY major mass media outlet, and they can and do effectively control the public mind, significantly shaping public opinion and its view of reality.  Thanks to the Internet, though, which they have scrambled fiercely to control, so far unsuccessfully, light has been shed on their dark plan and they are running scared.

As entrenched global remnants of a degenerate race of inbred genocidal despots crumble and flee, as pillars of the status quo quake and tremble, I recently recalled my stunning realization in college on first glimpsing the world at large: the appallingly low esteem in which the human species was regarded, and forced to regard itself; I saw that its masters – the powers that had been actually looked upon human beings as low-lifes; as a trash race of mongrel slaves.  That they had valid reasons to do so is beside the point.  The very structure of daily existence – The System – was clearly designed to imprint that reality and relentlessly hammer it in at every opportunity banishing any notion that divinity – even a tiny glorious spark – lurked within each individual.

In this remarkable video, and many others of Mr. Fulford available on YouTube, you can trace the week-by-week progress of his efforts to literally save the world from this diabolical conspiracy.  Among them is a telling interview with David Rockefeller in Tokyo, Fulford’s home, in which he cleverly deconstructs segments of the Rockefeller responses.  Fulford had for 6 years been the Asia/Pacific Editor for Forbes Magazine and, shortly after his Rockefeller interview was printed, was offered by the Free Masons – in a typical effort to silence foes – the position of Finance Minister of Japan, ostensibly joining the other side and selling his soul to them in the process – more modus operandi.  He declined.  But only after surviving a dozen assassination attempts and myriad “dirty tricks” meant to discredit him and destroy his reputation and career.

cross2In total, the cabal has roughly a million members worldwode, far fewer in active management.  There are many and varied factions scattered throughout the world, all involving ancient noble bloodlines, aristocracy, banking and – other persistent common threads – pedophilia and Satan worship; oddly, the latter two are particularly rampant in the VaticanPope Benedict XVI, in fact all modern pontifs since Vatican II, have frequently been photographed with common apparently well-known Satanic symbols and imagery – Masonic hand signals, inverted crosses, the famous “Bent Cross,” etc. – were flagrantly and even brazenly displayed.

A recent novel, Petrus Romanus written by three Christian appologists, describes the Prophecy of the Popes by St. Malachy of Armagh who, in a vision on his way to Rome in the 12th C, saw all past and future pontifs.  The current one, Benedict XVI, immediately preceded the final Pope – ostensibly the anti-Christ.  In short, the Vatican is currently a veritable, pardon the pun, hotbed of Satanists.  As a Collapsed Catholic, this observer was more disappointed than surprised.

As evidenced in the video by Mr. Romanov – the great-grandson of the last Russian Emperor, Tsar Nicholas II – there are many “good guys” among this criminal elite; they are the overwhelming majority in fact but consist essentially of the nonviolent among them, who are happy to keep their billions while relinquishing power.  Power is the central issue here, not wealth.  Control.  It is there that pedophilia, that got totally out of control in the Vatican, enters the picture replete with child sacrifice, as demonstrated graphically and famously at the annual Bohemian Grove conclave north of San Francisco, where Satanism rules.

bilderberg0mnBut this delves darker than I wish to go at the moment; this information is all in the public domain and readily available, on YouTube and elsewhere, to the curious researcher.  I want only to open drowsy eyes and to plant a seed of curiosity in inquisitive minds.  Just brace yourself, and bear in mind that this transformation of the planet will usher in a new world of light, creativity and promise, with abundant free clean energy, an oil-free environment, and banishment of poverty, hunger,  and endless wars.

The true reality is vastly different than the one we have been led to believe.  However, the knowledge I learned about this deception these past 2 months made events I had seen over 60 years of a lifetime come together and gel perfectly.  It solved, with a single solution, every “worst moment” of my American timeline – the Kennedy assassinations, M. L. King, 9-11, Pearl Harbor….  One global source was responsible, an axis of evil, oddly enough – the  burning Bushes.  Hallelujah!

As I write this, I just saw on TV news that Pope Benedict XVI has announced his retirement.  St. Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes is playing out.  Accordingly, the next Pope will be the last.  Watch, in the rituals to come, the Vatican Bank and the Vatican Observatory — and its telescope oddly named LUCIFER — for coming news.  They should soon have an announcement regarding Extra-Terrestrial beings!  Seriously.  Big shakeups are instore for Catholics… and Christians in general in terms of ET disclosure.  You won’t find it in mainstream media news, earth-shattering though it is.  The events are ready for Prime Time but the networks aren’t.

BTW – Fulford has hard evidence, for example, of US Black-Ops involvement in generating the Fukishima HAARP-assisted and nuclear detonation-induced earthquake in March, 2011, that rocked and flooded Japan with massive tsunamis, and nearly caused a China Syndrome nuclear meltdown.

Please, leave a comment.  Thanks for reading.

PS – A horrifying, and chilling for any conscious being, Illuminati/Illumi-Corp “Training” video is on view on YouTube.  It’s worth a look:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wr7FJohm68o&feature=endscreen&NR=1


Disclosurenpcc_menuNOTE:  Since this posting, further knowledge and recent data crucial to the issue has come to my attention about its subjects.  Dr. Greer maintains that ALL ETs are beneficent, a position I now see as naive at best, but may be fundamentally deceptive.  As always, caution is essential; personal discernment, invaluable….

I got the best gift, knowledge, this Christmas Eve that had nothing to do with Christmas but did include comprehensive  re-education in all things Extra-Terrestrial — the beings, their Extra-Terrestrial spacecraft, and their Extra-Terrestrial benevolent intentions – from a remarkable source.  I learned for instance that the term “alien” is a pejorative one and generally best avoided, for lack of specificity if nothing else, as there are such things as terrestrial aliens — an altogether different animal.

My re-education was necessary because I, like too many terrestrials, had little accurate knowledge to draw from about a subject of increasing relevance to me lately.  I found one of  the best Earthly sources of ET data, and quickly learned how much I needed to forget, and how vastly different are our cosmic realities.  Things like Reptilian shapeshifting and inter-dimensionality, for starters, that ETs confront routinely, and seem to link to the supernatural.  This is a realm where humans need to tread cautiously, at the very least.


Familiarization with these phenomena and more can increase understanding and facilitate contact.  These beings, in nearly every imaginable way, are radically different from humans and will require substantial changes in our thinking to understand and experience.  But, with possibly millions of more years than ours of evolutionary development and, by one informed estimate, 10,000 years of technological advancement, they may have a lot to offer.  And, they are apparently ready, willing, and eager to share.  I asked, in an earlier post, what was the next step in the Contact process.  The answer: They are waiting for us — to reach a collective maturity; human readiness, as a singular global culture of one mind.  Spiritual maturity especially, as it is our common ground and a universal language, but the terrestrials are struggling; it may take a while.

However, there is another, very dark, side of Alien contact involving abduction and abuse experienced by over a million humans against their will, corroborated by psychiatrists, that is a potential game-changer.  This exposes massive human vulnerabilty to deception and worse.

I learned from Greer that extra-terrestrial civilizations have been keeping a close and wary eye on our activities for centuries and would be willing — relieved might be a more appropriate assessment —  to assist our long-awaited assimilation into the inter-galactic community.  It came as no surprise to me to learn that humans, who occupy the lowest evolutionary rung on the celestial ladder, are looked upon as poor relations, the lunatic barbarians of the astral neighborhood; the Earth, its insane asylum.  So the next move, which is apparently up to us, will consist largely of an astronomical public relations coup to present a better, smarter face than we’ve lately been able to show.  Humans have failed every effort ETs have made to contact us as a species, which with significant exceptions of abduction, etc., they have done peacefully.  The immaturity we’ve demonstrated  consistently has sent them the wrong message.

This gift also made me realize that my last post, about “alien” contact, may have unwittingly advanced a dark agenda – a massive deliberate disinformation campaign – being waged worldwide by a powerful cabal of delusional lesser beings who see greed as virtue and themselves above all.  It revealed a situation of global pathology as unthinkable as it is dangerous; a web of deception, concealment, and murder; a cover-up so pervasive it has become unspeakable.  It is rooted in the global addiction to oil.

Its aim – one of them – is the perpetuation of conflict, to convince humans with seeds of hate and fear that “aliens” are an enemy and dupe us into believing there is such an agenda among ETs.  This dark but powerful and well-funded group with vested interests in controlling public opinion spread the notion that “alien attack” is imminent.  Evidence of their work is rife in the mainstream media: they own it.  Banners screaming “Alien Attack” and their like are ubiquitous these days on the web and in print.  They’re brought to you by the folks responsible for 9-11 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I will not here dwell further on the subject – it is dealt with elsewhere in greater depth and by hands more capable than mine.  Watch this video now, of THE PLAN. Disclosure-UFO-134

The source of the aforementioned ET enlightenment is one extraordinary individual – a country doctor from North Carolina — Emergency Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Steven Greer.  His primary organization, The Disclosure Project, is not only a clearing house for criminal and extra-terrestrial evidence, Dr. Greer himself is the leading authority on ET entities of all kinds, and on contact with them, successfully hosting frequent events and developing contact techniques and protocols.  He also spearheads a campaign to develop revolutionary alternative energy technologies that will replace oil — and all carbon-based energy sources — with powerful new technologies that are ecologically compatible and free, and have the real potential to wipe out poverty worldwide.

There was more to the hysteria surrounding Dec. 21, 2012, than the superficial doomsday madness.   A larger, cosmic change – more subtle but no less dramatic – is taking place globally and universally and it will be with us for the next five-hundred-thousand years or so.  It is the insurance policy for Dr. Greer’s and efforts like it that claim may shepherd an era of enlightenment on Earth.  Remember… 95% of the known universe is UNKNOWN – made up of what scientists call Dark Matter and Dark Energy.   NINETY-FIVE PERCENT of the world in which we humans live is undetectable to human technology.  …A fact worth reminding to the smug.

Those of you familiar with the Disclosure Project may already be aware that this is likely a part of the most crucial endeavor mankind has undertaken, its scope profound beyond words.  This is no walk in the park.  The stakes cannot be higher.  It is the watershed moment of the human race, and as such is RIPE FOR DECPTION!  It does not get any bigger.  For those of you, like me, new to this: if you value your freedom and are angry that it has been highjacked, raped and tortured, please investigate.  SEE for YOURSELF and DISCERN!  The best Hollywood screenwriters could not have come up with a plot this gripping but may have had a hand in it.  AVOID ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA!  YouTube is a trove of good informative videos, but of much fraud and distortion, as well; be aware (good anytime advice).   



Back-Engineered US Saucer


crop_circlesThis is a BIG WEEK for the World.  Between THE END OF TIME in the Mayan Calendar and Planet X-Nibiru bearing down on Earth and the sanity of some of its more excitable inhabitants, it’s enough to make one forget the fiscal cliff, if not Christmas and the Holidays.  They are merely backdrops to the Really Big Show that’s going on in the rest of the universe.  All of this current space-based hysteria has recently re-focused my attention on a popular post of several weeks ago – UFOs.  Researching further, I came across some truly amazing videos on YouTube, many of  which depicted crop circles in southern England.  It didn’t take long for my heartbeat to quicken watching busy alien craft zip by and crop circles suddenly appearing beneath them.

Given humans’ fundamentally-flawed nature – having survived multiple genetic bottlenecks that seriously constrained their available DNA pool and nearly wiped them out completely – we Homo sapiens doubtless lag far behind the leaders of the pack of universal intelligentsia.  Nevertheless, representatives of that cream of the cosmic crop are on view in an intriguing decade-old video I only recently discovered.  It demonstrates, given the veracity of the parties involved (having no reason to believe otherwise, after a perfunctory check of credentials, I trusted them), that a  convincing argument can be made that contact with (at least one) alien civilization has indeed occurred.

Human nature such as it is, with leaders who tend to hide whenever boldness is needed, this apparent stalemate could conceivably go on forever.  It is not difficult to imagine that scenario.  It is just as well that politics and government are left entirely out of this discussion.  Status quo is a mountain to move, and these aliens are clever in not pushing the issue and in letting us decide among ourselves.  It will take many years, perhaps another generation, before they or we feel ready for contact to become official.  For it is up to them.  They know that.  They are sitting at a safe distance, in patient observation, while it gradually sinks into collective human consciousness that a civilization from another planet wants to say “hello.”  Or something.  The general populace seems more prepared for all this than their elected leaders, who are happy to ignore controversy.

The ball is in our court.  Including a long-awaited response (image, right) to VideoBarcodethe bar-coded message to alien civilizations the late astronomer Carl Sagan famously included on the Voyager spacecraft, on its mission to the outer limits and beyond of the Solar System in 1974, the evidence is simply overwhelming that alien contact has been made.  (see Video, below)

But, now what?  What is our next step?  Because it is perhaps the most profound one that the human species will ever take, the necessity for its sage and prudent execution cannot be understated.  The initial instinct of many, myself included, is to welcome such contact — from benevolent brothers who, having demonstrated superior intellectual abilities, are assumed to be able and willing to show us the way to peace, love, and understanding.  That we need to be shown is sadly evident.  But are they benevolent?

One mistake humans are prone to make is to forget that despite residing in what we consider the heavens, these creatures are not from Heaven.   They are no angels, but physical beings confined to the same physical parameters that bind us — time and space — although they have likely discovered more effective means of evading or circumventing them than have Earthlings.  They are likely bound also to their own numerous faults and peculiarities, of ET nature.

Alien intelligence is fully aware of – and studies and monitors, in all likelihood – the internet, if the contents of crop circles is any indication.  Despite my initial inclination to view them as benevolent, too many signals exist indicating otherwise.  Why, for example, would any well-meaning entity need the cover of nighttime darkness to hide benevolence?  Something is being concealed.  In the video below, one alien’s message warns of other malevolent beings, but it does that behind a veil of mystery.

What sort of political system do they come from?  Think hard (maybe you won’t have to think very long) about this: would you seriously want to be abducted by, in the possession and control of, a capitalist alien?  …I have friends who swear they are now.  Aliens certainly will, however, be abundantly aware of Human Nature, especially its many and glaring weaknesses, and be able and willing to take best advantage — of them and us.  As my cursory examination of recent alien activity (crop circles) revealed, they monitor the internet and have no doubt used it to learn all they needed to know about us.  And, if that did not scare you enough, they’re smarter than we are.

Nevertheless, this event – making contact with an alien civilization – is possibly the most important to date in the history of man.   A comprehensive, intelligent documentary, that describes the phenomenon largely from the point of view of those most closely involved in its recording for science and history, Crop Circles Quest for Truth by UFO TV, is well worth watching.   In closing, I wish all a happy holidays and a spectacular New Year!  Check it out:

In Celebration of ONE DAY ON EARTH — 12/12/12

One Day On Earth: Documenting the World’s Story

Celebrating an extraordinary human event and achievement and all those who participated. And, all of those who are participating . . . in Life on Earth.  We Thank You All!  Congratulations on a job well done.




Could Earth Have Livelier Twins?

Exo-EarthsNote:  I apologize un-Romney-like for the apparent tardiness of this posting, but I just returned to home and the internet from a month-long refuge in Brooklyn after evacuating the Rockaways from Hurricane Sandy.  I survived, safe and sound, but the same cannot be said of what was — aside from several books and a laptop — my only other worldly possession: a 30″ flat-screen HDTV that was summarily sequestrated, not by Congress but equally criminal post-storm looters who rampaged unmolested in the storm’s lawless wake.   Oh, well….  Above, artist’s rendition of exo-Earths orbiting a sun-like star.  More on superstorm Sandy will follow soon, but now, having paid my personal Pearl Harbor tribute earlier today, more news from space:
From Ohio State University Research News:

Search for Life Suggests Solar Systems More Habitable than Ours

SAN FRANCISCO—Scattered around the Milky Way are stars that resemble our own sun—but a new study is finding that any planets orbiting those stars may very well be hotter and more dynamic than Earth.

That’s because the interiors of any terrestrial planets in these systems are likely warmer than Earth—up to 25 percent warmer, which would make them more geologically active and more likely to retain enough liquid water to support life, at least in its microbial form.



Wendy Panero

The preliminary finding comes from geologists and astronomers at Ohio State University who have teamed up to search for alien life in a new way.

They studied eight “solar twins” of our sun—stars that very closely match the sun in size, age, and overall composition—in order to measure the amounts of radioactive elements they contain. Those stars came from a dataset recorded by the High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher spectrometer at the European Southern Observatory in Chile.

They searched the solar twins for elements such as thorium and uranium, which are essential to Earth’s plate tectonics because they warm our planet’s interior.  Plate tectonics helps maintain water on the surface of the Earth, so the existence of plate tectonics is sometimes taken as an indicator of a planet’s hospitality to life.



Cayman Unterborn

Of the eight solar twins they’ve studied so far, seven appear to contain much more thorium than our sun—which suggests that any planets orbiting those stars probably contain more thorium, too. That, in turn, means that the interior of the planets are probably warmer than ours.

For example, one star in the survey contains 2.5 times more thorium than our sun, said Ohio State doctoral student Cayman Unterborn. According to his measurements, terrestrial planets that formed around that star probably generate 25 percent more internal heat than Earth does, allowing for plate tectonics to persist longer through a planet’s history, giving more time for live to arise.

“If it turns out that these planets are warmer than we previously thought, then we can effectively increase the size of the habitable zone around these stars by pushing the habitable zone farther from the host star, and consider more of those planets hospitable to microbial life,” said Unterborn, who presented the results at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco this week.


“If it turns out that these planets are warmer than we previously thought, then we can effectively increase the size of the habitable zone around these stars…”

“At this point, all we can say for sure is that there is some natural variation in the amount of radioactive elements inside stars like ours,” he added. “With only nine samples including the sun, we can’t say much about the full extent of that variation throughout the galaxy. But from what we know about planet formation, we do know that the planets around those stars probably exhibit the same variation, which has implications for the possibility of life.”

His advisor, Wendy Panero, associate professor in the School of Earth Sciences at Ohio State, explained that radioactive elements such as thorium, uranium, and potassium are present within Earth’s mantle. These elements heat the planet from the inside, in a way that is completely separate from the heat emanating from Earth’s core.

“The core is hot because it started out hot,” Panero said. “But the core isn’t our only heat source. A comparable contributor is the slow radioactive decay of elements that were here when the Earth formed. Without radioactivity, there wouldn’t be enough heat to drive the plate tectonics that maintains surface oceans on Earth.”

The relationship between plate tectonics and surface water is complex and not completely understood. Panero called it “one of the great mysteries in the geosciences.” But researchers are beginning to suspect that the same forces of heat convection in the mantle that move Earth’s crust somehow regulate the amount of water in the oceans, too.

“It seems that if a planet is to retain an ocean over geologic timescales, it needs some kind of crust ‘recycling system,’ and for us that’s mantle convection,” Unterborn said.

In particular, microbial life on Earth benefits from subsurface heat. Scores of microbes known as archaea do not rely on the sun for energy, but instead live directly off of heat arising from deep inside the Earth.

On Earth, most of the heat from radioactive decay comes from uranium. Planets rich in thorium, which is more energetic than uranium and has a longer half-life, would “run” hotter and remain hot longer, he said, which gives them more time to develop life.

As to why our solar system has less thorium, Unterborn said it’s likely the luck of the draw.

“It all starts with supernovae. The elements created in a supernova determine the materials that are available for new stars and planets to form. The solar twins we studied are scattered around the galaxy, so they all formed from different supernovae. It just so happens that they had more thorium available when they formed than we did.”

Jennifer Johnson, associate professor of astronomy at Ohio State and co-author of the study, cautioned that the results are preliminary. “All signs are pointing to yes—that there is a difference in the abundance of radioactive elements in these stars, but we need to see how robust the result is,” she said.

Next, Unterborn wants to do a detailed statistical analysis of noise in the HARPS data to improve the accuracy of his computer models. Then he will seek telescope time to look for more solar twins.

This research was funded by Panero’s CAREER award from the National Science Foundation.

— Pam Frost Gorder

Travis Walton Standing in Doorway of Spacecraft Not in Kansas… Or, Arizona, Any More

Travis Walton, after his abduction, standing in doorway of craft in Shiny New UFO Showroom, not in Kansas any more 

You may have to squint, but he’s there… looking a little lonely, it seemed to me.  I wish I had more information about this, and at least 1 other photo with it, but I remain at a loss to explain the many questions it raises in my mind.  Though still searching, I have yet been unable to find any data from Wikipedia on even the photo’s source, and would welcome reader suggestions.

More Interstellar Stuff, UFOs, and Evolution

My last post (Below) stirred a surprising – to me – level of interest in UFOs but few responses.  The comments made, though, were intriguing and the discussion brisk.  (I’ve always displayed a distinct preference for quality over quantity.)

At the gentle prodding of the few, but astute and passionate, commenters to that previous proposal, I did some superficial research.  In it, I happened upon news that is currently capturing headlines and seducing imaginations of space watchers around the globe: an Earth analog – Earth-like planet – had recently been discovered orbiting our nearest neighboring star in the Milky Way, Alpha Centauri B.  It was immediately and appropriately dubbed, Alpha Centauri Bb.

This new discovery is a world that Goldilocks would have little patience for; one of extreme heat beyond the human comfort zone with surface temperatures above 1,200° C.  But its binary star system may conceal more clement planets, and is of interest to science not only for its proximity to Earth, but this event marks the beginning of a new technological phase in exo-planet detection – those beyond our solar system.  That is where I leave them to their tech-world for travel in more mundane matters.

During that research, I further learned that there exist roughly 2 billion Earth twins in our own Milky Way galaxy, a substantially higher percentage than the “thousands” I used for example in posing my original question.  Recently, in 2011, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory calculated that from 1.4 to 2.7 percent of all sun-like stars have earth-like planets in their habitable (also called Goldilocks – not too hot, not too cold) zones, which computes to about 2 billion Earth analogs in the Milky Way alone, and as many as a sextillion in the entire universe.

Supersonic Flying Wing

That being the case, of an overwhelming numerical imbalance toward probability of alien visitors, it seems to me that, even absent any irrefutable proof, the likelihood of advanced (sapient) extraterrestrial life is practically a foregone conclusion.  I believe it.  When I was in college, I saw Arthur C. Clarke (Author, 2001….) on the Tonight Show; Johnny Carson asked him a similar question.  He laughed and said, “The universe is so vast, the probability of duplicates so high, I would be astonished if, at this very moment, there were not hundreds of other planets across the universe with people sitting in front of TVs tuned to the Tonight Show on each one!”

I discovered too, in my evidentiary search, a photo (shown above) that, if the claims of its subject matter and location are factual, is truly extraordinary.  (See later Post, Above)  It purports to show Travis Walton — the single-most-significant and recognizable UFO abductee (Nov., 1975; Snowflake, Arizona) — not in Kansas any more, or Arizona, standing in the doorway of an alien spacecraft, in a hangar at its home base — presumably an Earth analog planet.

Another photo that I found in that hunt was of an extraordinary hyper-sonic jet aircraft design that works around sonic boom and totally defeats it.  It can achieve Mach-5 in sonic silence. (boomless)

Popcorn time.

McArtichoke’s Theory of Interstellar Stuff

n11lmc_noaoRecent developments beyond the world, or rather the lack of them, have  intrigued me.  As a curious peripheral observer of the UFO phenomenon, I have detected a stellar dis-economy of scale: a cosmological counterpoint to the economic law of diminishing returns.  I often wonder, with the technological capabilities humans possess and the array of devices scanning the sky, why have we not by now made contact with an extra-terrestrial or two?  It certainly is not for lack of effort.  Or of manpower, on our side.  We have several quasi-governmental bodies (SETI, e.g.) devoted solely to the task.

It got me thinking….  There are countless – let’s say thousands and stay on the conservative side for argument’s sake – of earth-similar, life supportable, rocky planets orbiting sun-like stars that we know about in the universe.  It seems to me the likelihood that advanced biological life has arisen on a small percentage of them is large.  Of those planets where life has flourished, a small percentage would develop beings with advanced intelligence, similar to human.

Given that the time period in question is roughly 13.75 billion years (literally, all the time in the world), and taking into account the minute percentages involved, it would seem to me that, by now, we on earth should have experienced incontestable evidence of “communion” much more significant than has been reported to date in popular media.

I have a theory — that I hope is not as close to truth as other theories, the Theory of Gravity or of Evolution come to mind for example – a hypothesis that suggests one  explanation for this Space Age dichotomy.  That is, that intelligence itself poses an existential threat to the species that it (science) is not able to solve, sufficiently to pose a timely solution – a chilling prospect if it applies to our species.

Briefly, my point is that we earthlings have not communed with extra-terrestrial civilizations simply because those civilizations do not exist… long enough for communion to occur before they annihilate themselves; that by the time they reach the capacity to contact, they have progressed to the extent of developing nuclear or other equally destructive technology or weaponry, and they – being human-esque, and thus genetically predisposed to conflict, destroy themselves before they make contact with us.   It is no secret that intelligence – particularly, lesser instances of it – is a dangerous thing.  The ancient Greeks recognized this, millennia ago, and gave us the word sophomore  – roughly, wise fool.

(Break Time – Popcorn in the Lobby)


ImageHow MANY ARE AWARE THAT God, Almighty can sometimes speak to humans? Not just “speak” but utter entire ‎conversations, some diffused with expletives that would make even Richard Nixon blush. The occasion of the latter ‎occurred to me recently, lasting for nary a full year, changing my life . . . emphaticly and for good.

What I’m getting to here, never mind how roundaboutly, is the fact that it was I who was responsible for the “blue corn” ‎craze. One of the hottest culinary trends in recent decades has been the emergence of Blue Corn Tortillas, Blue Corn ‎Meal, etc. In the summer of 1969, I was an apprentice actor/musician and lighting technician at the Orleans Arena Stage, ‎in Orleans, Mass., on Cape Cod’s elbow. The campus was a summer home to two dozen theatrical trainee hopefuls from across the Northeastern US.  One of my responsibilities was to build and paint the set for a production of ‎Rogers & Hamerstein’s Oklahoma. ‎Image
‎ I was charged with completing the scenery scrims one morning and had a myriad of time constraints to work among . . . ‎that had nothing whatsoever to do with blue corn or Oklahoma. However, I was in charge of providing the cornfields, which, on a flight ‎of fancy the likes of which many 19-year-olds flew the coop when it came to logic and reason, are “as high as an elephant’s eye” I painted the fields of corn a bright ‎blue, for no other reason than to be too tired to flee, but still different.

They at least were as as blue as my eyes.  By 8:00 a.m., director Richard Smythies drove by the scrims crime scene cursing God and Man (Me); he repainted it himself over coffee while I slept.

Hence, thanks to ‎zealous OU agriculture students who went to work, when hearing of this inspirarional anecdote of priceless ignominy: Voilà! ‎A legend is born care of God My Father, Who Proudly Proclaimed My Name In Lights Across The Blue Corn Sky Every Night.  My Fathers’ Love Has No Match this side of Heaven.


1-concert-el-jem-blog“…. Gloria sic transit!”

Classical music wafted from the distant stereo. An oboe solo sprang to his ‎ear from a passage by a woodwind ensemble sparking speech. ‎
‎“Like this music? Double-reeds have a primordial attraction… ‘n ‎my genes I think, that fascinates me… nearly as much as you do.” She did ‎not respond visually to his remark. ‎
‎“Well, thank you just the same.”‎

Without reply, he smiled at her and their eyes met. He kissed her ‎softly, then again with appetite. He felt a rush of hot new blood from his ‎femoral artery stiffen his resolve to please her. She felt it too, and buttons began to ‎lose their grip. ‎

Underwater image of coral reef and Masked Butterfly Fish

Demoiselles and a Red Sea Butterfly

Finally, he had the opportunity now to observe her young body in the ‎light of unperturbed abandon. She was mercifully hardware free; though ‎never averse to new experience, he was not yet sure how to deal with the ‎ring in clitring; the word ring, in general, in the same breath as woman, still brought a chill to his spine and warmed the engine of his ‎getaway car. ‎

Her breasts were perfect. They seemed to lead a life of their own ‎independent of the rest of her; a buoyant, charmed life that anticipated her ‎every move and appeared to avoid gravitational force. Her toned tummy’s altruistic curves posed a proud prelude, with liberal artistic epilation, to ‎the coming fugue: a dainty, smoothly-shaven mons Veneris, full of grace and ‎glistening, begged veneration. His face

Ej Djem Colisseum from the Air

Ej Djem Colisseum from the Air

glowed with a happiness now that illuminated his labors at this mystifying cleft; his smile met hers lip to ‎labium; his tongue snakelike, scrutinizing, lingered at her inguinal altar, the ‎vestibule of being… to worship, and wonder at the shimmering scissure ‎before him – that this quaint little wattle could wield such worldly wallop – ‎holding it in equal awe as he once beheld, with a similar grin, a vaster ‎gash from a grimmer rim – the Grand Canyon of the Colorado – never mind his ‎current view was superior, and considering the predicament of the human male who, expelled from it once, is by hormones doomed to spend ‎the rest of his life trying to get back in; once there cannot wait to get out ‎again, of this greater than the greatest of cats and quandaries, as she gasped her ‎first sky-scratching of several more to come; then, bow to the wind, he simply lost himself in her soft ‎sanctuary.‎

el djem* * *‎

‎“I’M DISAPPOINTED!” Her voice sounded playful, but he was unsure.‎
‎“Disappointed!? Ha-ha.” He laughed, but he worried the ever-lingering ‎doubt of the male ego, and finally bit the hook. “At what!?”‎
‎“At not seeing those catacombs. I know, of course, they’re not just ‎catacombs, but I’m disappointed!”‎
‎“Aren’t you over disappointment, yet!? How old are you?” ‎
‎“We can’t all be supermen; …women.”‎
‎“I’m hardly a superman. It’s just that I have had so much experience ‎with failure, I’ve had to learn to deal with disillusionment, not to make it a ‎habit. It’s a sad but true fact. The alternative is unacceptable. …Hey, ‎Nikki. You want to see the catacombs?” She nodded as he continued, ‎‎“Tomorrow, then… maybe. Not tonight, though. I’m going in tonight . . . alone.” ‎
He continued, “I’ll know by then where I’m going, and won’t get you lost! ‎I need the lay of the land I cannot get with you along. Sometimes we can be too ‎good at what we do.” Her head nodded mute like a bobblehead doll. ‎
For her part, Nikki had displayed remarkable restraint keeping mum ‎throughout his speech, and not blurting the words that burned her tongue: ‎‎‘You ego-testical ASS!’ ‎


Palermo Never Looked So Colorful As Buranno

She had long seen the necessity for a strong, attractive, clever woman ‎in a testosterone-driven perverse world of maintaining occasional politic ‎silence and overlook certain offenses for the greater good. She also ‎understood human nature. That within every human being, more artfully ‎disguised in some than others but always present, lurked an asshole. ‎Everybody had one. It was the ‘human’ part of the being, she explained; ‎when given half a chance . . . and enough time, it would invariably appear. ‎

He noticed in her an obsession to reveal truths about herself. She ‎was a pathological truthist. He wondered if it was contagious. How she ‎got into this line of work was a question that would linger like butterscotch, ‎he reckoned, and doubtless boggle his mind more than was good for it at ‎the moment. She was forthcoming enough to make him slightly edgy, at ‎any rate, and more on his guard than usual. ‎

underwater-coral_kayaker“You take lovemaking to another level, Brant. You take everything….” ‎
Brant interrupted her, “I take everything I’m capable of showing real ‎gratitude for. Never more; sometimes — rarely, less.”‎
She resumed, seeming not to notice his outburst, “I never dreamed I ‎would say this but, in another world, I could fall in love with you.”‎
He suddenly felt like an overweight skater pushed onto the thin ice of a first freeze. ‎

‎“Your youth is showing. …And maybe a little gin. That’s very sweet, ‎but…. frankly, I would not advise it. I’m a lone lion, Nikki. I’ve lasted this long ‎without a loving woman always by my side, I must be doing something… ‎right. I wonder what it is…. Sometimes I’d like to gag it.” He spoke quietly, ‎almost as an aside, letting the words trail off.‎
‎“I thought you lived for danger.” Nikki’s speech had begun to slur, as ‎she finally felt the effects of three Boodles and tonics she had begun to regret. ‎
When his laughter – at her comment, not condition – subsided, he ‎responded, “I live for the fugitive moments that danger allows. But, like all ‎else, if you do that with an unclean conscience you risk life, limb, and ‎frightful karma.”‎
‎“Still, I’m pleased you let that viper go. It was the right thing to do. I ‎promised the bloke at the pet sho’…  wh….”‎

Amsterdam-Canal-WinterUnbeknownst to Cobalt, the CIA and MI-6 were not Nikki Fairchild’s ‎only employers. She also received income from the payroll of a British ‎petro-chemical firm, World Interim Oil, that had massive economic interests ‎in Africa. They had been appraising Masdar for the past year, studying its ‎finances, etc., prior to a possible purchase offer or takeover bid. There ‎were rumors in the intelligence community that a recent oil spill in the Gulf ‎of Mexico, that involved one of their offshore drilling rigs, had actually ‎been intentional; an act of industrial sabotage designed to deflect world ‎attention away from WIO’s cozy financial dealings with unsavory Islamist ‎elements. ‎

Her job was to kill him.‎


800px-NYC_-_St_Patrick_Cathedral_-_Facade_and_AtlasEverything I Had Heard About The Girl Of My Dreams Came True On Friday Evening.  That’s When I Met The Woman My Mother Told Me About As A Boy, And Had A Remarkable Time With Her Rubbing Elbows, Noses… Until The Wee Hours Of The Morning.  Then, We Had Fun And Walked The Brooklyn Bridge To The Promenade Before The Wedding, At Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Largest Catholic Basilica West Of The Vatican, And Home To The Archdiocese Of New York, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Bishop, Who Performed The Ceremony, With Over Two Thousand Guests In Attendance Including The Entire New York Mets Baseball Team, Some Of The Yankees, And Representatives From Seven Major Sports Franchises As Well As Stars From Stage And Screen, Dance, Opera, Literature, And Notables Of All Sorts,


St Patricks Cathedral


Initial Guilty Verdict

Initial Guilty Verdict

In an extraordinary display of hubris, the American mainstream media is attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of its sheep.  Last night, with its date having a curiously Satanic July 13 stamp, a jury in Sanford, Fl. reached a verdict of “Guilty” against defendant George Zimmerman, in the Trayvon Martin murder/manslaughter trial that has captured world attention.  The network news this morning however reported the incident rather differently.  In their version, Zimmerman was pronounced “Not Guilty,” leaving one to suspect that their intention, and indeed the intention of the government and their owners, is to incite racially-motivated violence in a simmering environment.





US troops — 3 Divisions of Army and Marine regulars — invaded Syria today, mainly Damascus, to do battle with Syrian forces loyal to Hafez al-Assad.  The Americans are not there to oust Assad, who will remain regardless of the outcome, but rather are doing the  bidding of Israel whose own forces are busy in a war with Iraq at the moment.  As has been the usual case the American mainstream media is silent, though news organisations from all other Western nations are covering the conflict.

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The San Francisco crash of an Asian Air Boeing 777 jetliner July 6 was a coverup of government murder and corruption linked to disasters as far back as Lockerbie.  The intended victim, a 48-year-old Chinese national with a Ph.D in Economics, had been working with the SEC on the case against the Fedral Reserve for 5 years that would have provided sufficient evidence to end the Fed’s criminal monopoly, and was to soon testify before that commission in San Francisco.

The wreckage was left on location beside the runway and trumpeted by the media for nearly a week as a warning to potential future witnesses of the fate that awaits bearers of truth.

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An asteroid, weighing 71,300 tons, will strike the Pacific Ocean 1,400 nautical miles WSW of Valparaiso, Chile causing an E.L.E. — extinction level event — on July 24, 2013 at 11:10 AM local Chilean time.